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Kaneka P-LE055 P-Type (Low Voltage Type) Solar Panel


Kaneka 120 Watt Solar Panels T-SC120 Kaneka Solar
Kaneka decided to begin research into thin film silicon PV modules at an early stage. This has allowed the company to assume a leading position in the industry over the past 20 years.
Kaneka's accumulated expertise now makes it possible to offer next-generation amorphous solar panels all over the world through its advanced PV modules that empower individuals to take a proactive environmental role in their daily lives.

(Low Voltage Type)

P-TYPE PV modules will maintain more than 90%
of minimum rated power for 10 years (based on data
from silicon PV modules installed over a month under
conditions of 25ÂșC, A.M. 1.5 and 100m W/cm2).

Kaneka P-LE056

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