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Model Number KD235GX-LPB
STC Rating 235.0
PTC Rating 212.6
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 36.9
Short Circuit Current (A) 8.55
Frame Color Black
Origin US/Mexico
Power % ± -3/5
(W/ft²) 13.27
Area (ft²) 17.7
Weight (lbs) 46.3
Length (in) 65.43
Width (in) 38.98
Height (in) 1.40

Kyocera KD235GX-LPB Solar Panels

KYOCERA's Advanced Cell Processing

This technology and automated production facilities have produced a multi-crystalline solar cell with an efficiency of over 16%. All modules are constructed using a tempered glass front, EVA pottant and a PVF backing to provide maximum protection from the severest environmental conditions.The entire laminate is framed in a
heavy duty anodized aluminum frame to provide structural strength and ease of installation. Because KYOCERA modules are so efficient, less space is required than other solar modules of equal output.This translates to both more wattage per square foot and lower mounting structure cost.

KYOCERA has perfected its new surface treatment technology and is introducing it on a new line of modules named d.Blue, for its dark blue color.

The newly developed treatment method processes multi-crystalline silicon cells in order to produce a surface texture that minimizes surface reflectance and maximizes output.The result is a maximum conversion efficiency of 16%, one of the highest conversion efficiencies in the polycrystalline module industry.
d.Blue is ideal for installation in all types of systems, from residential grid-tie to SCADA and large
scale commercial systems.

D.Blue modules are available in the entire Kyocera line.
The KD205GX-LP features an industry high 20-year power output warranty

  • High efficiency multi-crystalline modules
  • The KD235GX-LPB modules have a +5/-3% power tolerance
  • Cell Efficiency over 18.5%
  • UL listed
  • Low iron, tempered glass, EVA encapsulant and anodized aluminum frame construction
  • 20 year output warranty on all KD Series modules
  • Weather resistant junction box or Multi Contact connectors

Made in the USA

The KD235 solar module is qualified for "Buy American" as these modules are made in the USA. They are manufactured in the Kyocera facility in San Diego, CA.

Cutting Edge Technology

As a pioneer with 35 years in solar, Kyocera demonstrates leadership in the development of solar energy products. Kyocera's Kaizen Philosophy, commitment to continuous improvement, is shown by repeatedly achieving world record cell efficiencies.

Kyocera Quality Built In

60 cell module for utility and commercial applications with silver anodized frame. Kyocera manufactures and assembles solar cells and modules at its own worldwide production sites using a true vertical integration process. This superior approach gives Kyocera complete control over every step of the manufacturing process, producing modules with the industry's tightest power tolerance, promising high quality and efficiency.

  • Highest Built-In Quality
  • Proven Superior Field Performance
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Kyocera's Most Powerful Module Manufactured
  • Requires an average 8” mounting clearance for optimal performance
  • Supported by most major mounting structure manufacturers
  • Easily accessible grounding points on all four corners for fast installation
  • Proven junction box technology with PV Wire
  • Quality locking plug-in connectors to provide safe and quick connections

Click here for complete solar grid-tie systems using this module.

NEC 2008 Compliant UL 1703, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Certified and Registered Class C
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Electrical Performance
Under Standard Test Conditions (*STC)
Maximum Power (Pmax)
235 W (+5W/-3W)
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp)
Maximum Power Current (Impp)
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
Short Circuit Current (Isc)
Max System Voltage
Temperature Coefficient of Voc
—1.20x10-1 V/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc
5.27x10-3 A/°C

*STC: Irradiance 1000W/m2, AM 1.5
spectrum cell temperature 25°C


Number per Module


Module Characteristics
Length x Width x Depth
1682mm x 990mm x 46mm (65.4" x 39.0" x 1.8")
21kg (46.3lbs)
(+)760mm (-)1840mm ((+)29.9" x (-)72.4")


Junction Box Characteristics
Length x Width x Depth
105mm x 108mm x 15mm (4.1" x 4.3" x .8")
IP Code


*Operating Temperature
-40 C ˜ 90°C
Maximum Fuse

*This temperature is based on cell temperature.


made in USA
The KD235GX-LPB is proudly made in the USA in San Diego, CA.

Kyocera Solar System examples:


Kyocera Solar Panels
PPL Renewable Energy Park

Camden Co., NJ 500kW System Performing at 105%

Kyocera Solar Panels
Gatorade Distribution Facility

Tolleson, AZ 500kW System
Performing at 108%

Kyocera Solar Panels
Integrity Building Corporation

Mesa, AZ 19.2kW System
Performing at 106%

Kyocera Solar Panels
Alvarado Water Treatment Facility

San Diego, CA 1.2 MW System Performing at 115%

Kyocera has made many technological advances over the past 35 years.
Kyocera KD200-60 solar panels lead today's current photovoltaic Kyocera products.