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solar by kyocera
Kyocera Model Number KD255GX-LFB2
STC Rating 255.0 Watts
PTC Rating 228.3 Watts
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 37.6 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.09 Amps
Frame Color Black
Power Tolerance -0 / +5%
Area 17.7 ft²
Weight 44.1 lbs.
Length 65.43 in.
Width 38.98 in.
Height 1.8 in.

Kyocera solar panel system

KD255GX-LFB2 Solar Panel Systems

Systems include grid-tie inverter, module mount, MC cables, disconnects and breakers. Support by our friendly knowledgeable staff to help with your Kyocera solar panel system questions is also included!
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Kyocera KD255GX-LFB2 Solar Panel



The Kyocera KD255GX-LFB2 - Black Frame, Sleek Look

• The black frame is anodized and UV stabilized
• 0/+5% Power Tolerance
• 228.3 CEC Rating
• Supported by major mounting structure manufacturers
• Easily accessible grounding points on all four corners for fast installation
• Proven junction box technology with 12 AWG PV wire to work with transformerless grid-tie inverters
• Quality locking MC4 plug-in connectors to provide safe and quick connections

The KD255GX-LFB2 solar panel is reliable

• Proven superior field performance
• Tight power tolerance
• Only module manufacturer to pass rigorous long-term testing performed by TÜV Rheinland

Kyocera KD255GX-LFB2 Dimensions

Kyocera KD255GX-LFB2 solar panel

Kyocera KD 200-60F Series

Kyocera KD255GX-LFB2 Solar Panel Qualifications and Certifications

UL Listing
NEC 2008 Compliant, UL 1703, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001
UL1703 Certified and Registered, UL Fire Safety Class C

solar module info

Record High Performance, Record Low Price
As a pioneer with over 35 years in solar module research Kyocera repeatedly achieves world record solar cell efficiencies. Kyocera proves to be a value leader in solar panel system technologies.

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