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Model Number LG255S1C-G3
STC Rating 255.0
PTC Rating 230.7
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 35.5
Short Circuit Current (A) 7.05
Frame Color Black
Origin Korea
Power % ± 0/+3
Module Efficiency (%) 15.5
Area (ft²) 17.8
Weight (lbs) 37
Length (in) 64.57
Width (in) 39.37
Height (in) 1.38

LG LG255S1C-G3 Solar Panels


No Longer Available


lg mono x

  • XTM solar module using Mono X™ NeoN monocrystalline cells
  • The LG255S1C-G3 is very efficient and has an attractive black color.
  • The LG S1C Series has the world's most rigorous product assurance. Nominal power starts at 0%.
  • Withstands a maximum load of 5400 Pa. Durable, yet light in weight.
  • The black anodized frame is aesthetically pleasing and protects the aluminum from oxidation.
  • LG has 25 years of thorough research and development. LG has developed a solar cell that is both cutting edge and reliable.

LG255S1C-G3 Dimensions

LG LG255S1C-G3 information


Certified Laboratory

LG developed the core standard specifications for a solar module and became an official test laboratory certified by TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories.

lg xtm module certifications


Industry Leading Support Policy

LG has an industry leading support policy that comprises a 5-year product warranty, 12-year 90% power warranty, and 25-year 80% power Warranty.


Complete Grid-Tie Solar Systems Available!

Solar Electric Supply not only supplies LG Mono X solar modules at a discount price, we also have wholesale commercial solar systems and discount residential solar systems.

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No Longer Available