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Model Number SureSine 600
Power Rating 600 W
Weight 4.5 kg 10 lbs
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Comments The best for computers, stereo amplifiers, radio and television

Morningstar SureSine 600 Inverter

SKU SureSine 600

Morningstar SureSine 600 Pure Sinewave Inverter

The Sure Sine 600 inverter has been developed using Morningstar’s power
electronics expertise and 25 years of experience with remote off-grid
solar systems.

The SureSine 600 is a pure sinewave inverter designed specifically
to meet the needs of off-grid AC power for: solar home systems, small enclosed outdoor systems, radio, remote cabins and weekend homes.

The SureSine 600 is highly reliable, having no internal cooling fan or other moving parts prone to failure.



Improved Load Operation

Pure Sine Wave – Provides quality AC equivalent to grid power. A sine wave will extend the life of the household appliances (lights, TV, fans) and improve load performance.
Toroidal transformer design – Generates good wave form throughout the range of input voltages.
Outstanding Surge Capability – Handles a 200% surge during load start-up, to a maximum of 600 watts.

More Power Available

High Efficiency – A high peak efficiency will reduce heating and make more solar energy available for powering loads.
Low Self-Consumption – The SureSine consumes 450mA while powering loads. During no load conditions, solar energy is not wasted because the SureSine automatically powers down to stand-by mode, reducing self-consumption to one tenth of operating consumption.

sure sineExtremely High Reliability

Extensive Electronic Protections – The SureSine has extensive electronic protections that will automatically protect against faults and user mistakes such as short circuit, overload, high temperature and low voltage disconnect. Recovery from most faults is automatic.
No Internal Cooling Fan – A key design objective since fans often fail in harsh environments and are noisy, consume power and blow dirt into the electronics.
Tropicalization – The SureSine uses epoxy encapsulation, conformal coating, stainless steel hardware, and an anodized aluminum enclosure to protect against harsh tropical and marine environments.

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SureSine 300
300 W
4.5 kg
10 lbs
Pure Sinewave
The best for computers,
stereo amplifiers, radio and television
SureSine 600
600 W
4.5 kg
10 lbs
Pure Sinewave
The best for computers,
stereo amplifiers, radio and television