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Outback MX60 Charge Controller


This charge controller uses MPPT technology that will increase charge current with a peak operating efficiency!

outback MX60

This model has been replaced by the FlexMax 60 - click here for more information

The MX60 is on the cutting edge of charge controller design.
OutBack's real time active MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) system ensures that your solar array is operating at its peak power point regardless of age, shading or environmental conditions.

A peak operating efficiency of 98% maximizes your PV array's performance. The MX60's wide DC input range and 60 amp DC output current rating for 12, 24 or 48 Volt DC systems provides unmatched flexibility in the wiring as well as the sizing of your solar array.

The ability to step-down a high-voltage solar array to an even larger range of low voltage batteries can save you money by reducing the size of wire required and making the installation simpler and faster.

All of the MX60's status information is displayed on the large built-in 3.1" (8 cm) backlit LCD screen and OutBack's exclusive system networking allows your MX60 to communicate with many other OutBack products for complete integration and high performance operation.

Monitoring the performance of your solar array investment is easy through the use of the built-in data logging system or via the MATE and optional PC software (available separately). This charge controller will support up to 150 VDC open circuit voltage on the input of the solar array (call us with any questions).

This MPPT solar charge controller is the best choice when you demand a high performance, efficient and customizable charge controller for your advanced solar electric power system. Full 2 year warranty.

This model has been replaced by the FlexMax 60 - click here for more information

outback MX60

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