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Model Number PVP1100
AC Nominal Power (W) 1100.0
Peak Efficiency 0.910
CEC Weighted Efficiency 0.905
Weight (lbs) 55.0
Height (in) 30.4
Width (in) 15.6
Depth (in) 8.3

PV Powered PVP1100 Grid-Tied Inverter

  • Integrated AC and DC PV Disconnect
  • CEC Weighted Efficiency: 90.5%
  • Easy Installation through reduced interconnections and optimally placed knockouts
  • Factory integrated inverter and PV System Disconnect eliminates the need for extra equipment
  • Field-configurable inverter grounding schema with simple jumper selection
  • RMA program includes $400 purchase credit or $150 service reimbursement

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PVP1100 Inverter Electrical Specifications PVP1100 Inverter Dimensions PVP1100 Inverter Mechanical Specifications PVP1100 Inverter Dimensions-front & left view