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PV Powered PV35KW Commercial Grid-Tie Inverter

PVP 35kWThe PV Powered PVP 35 kW is a single inverter solution for small commercial installations.
This inverter combines the benefits of high reliability, low lifetime cost, and leading efficiency into one easy-to-install system.

The 35 kW PV Powered commercial inverter features the same industry-leading reliability, efficiency, ease of installation, and lifetime maintainability as larger PV Powered™ commercial inverters. This model is sized to serve smaller PV system designs, or to provide the perfect fit to complete a larger PV system. In addition, the 35 kW and 50 kW models deliver the highest efficiency in their class and rival the efficiency of much larger inverters.

High reliability is enabled by a ground-up design for 20+ year operating life that features bus bar power connections, card cage circuit board design, and the widest temperature rating of any inverter in its class. The highly integrated system saves installers time and money by including load-rated AC & DC service disconnects, neutral-free installation, oversized bus bar landings and generous cable bending area. The 35 kW and 50 kW models have a 295 VDC minimum MPPT voltage that enables the stringing flexibility that is critical for smaller rooftop projects.

AE backs all its commercial inverters with an industry-leading 10-year warranty and an optional 20-year warranty, plus the most responsive service and support team in the business.

Superior Reliability

• Designed for 20+ year operating life
• Smart Air Management™
• Low parts count reduces potential failure points
• Card cage circuit board system minimizes electronic interconnections

Exceptional Installability

• Bottom and side entry with generous bending area and oversized bus bar landings
• Large DC sub-combiner area with the industry's most flexible fusing options
• Full power output at 295 VDC enables more PV array design options
• Exterior mounting flanges for fast and easy anchoring with no pre-drilling

Easy to Maintain

• All maintenance and service via front access
• Fast change circuit board system shortens service time
• Load-rated AC and DC service disconnects
• Dedicated monitoring section separate from AC and DC modules

Solar Electric Supply provides 35kW inverter systems at a wholesale price. Commercial, government, educational and contractor discounts available.


Continuous Power Output (kW) 35
PV Powered PVP 35kW
PV Powered PVP35kW
Manufactured by Advanced Energy
Peak Efficiency (%) 96.6%
Weighted CEC Efficiency (%) 95%
Maximum DC Input Voltage (VOC) 600V
DC Peak Power Tracking Range 295V – 595V
DC Imp Nominal Current 125A
AC Nominal Voltage-Field Configurable 208V and 480V
AC Operating Range
208V 183V - 228V
480V 422V - 528V
AC Frequency Range 59.3Hz - 60.5Hz
AC Maximum Continuous Current
208V 100A
480V 43A
Standby Losses 33W
Harmonic Distortion <3% THD
Power Factor >.99


Enclosure NEMA 4
Construction Powder Coated Steel
Mounting Pad Mount
Weight 1200 lbs
Cooling Forced Convection
Temperate Range

-30C to 50C
-22F to 122F

Isolation Transformer Yes


IEEE 519, IEEE 929, IEEE 1547, CSA 107.1-1, FCC Class B