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REC Solar Professional Program

Benefits Guaranteed - for solar installers and end customers.

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The REC Solar Professional Program was created with installers and end customers in mind, providing benefits to both.

High-Quality Installations with High-Quality Panels

Not every installer can call themself an “REC Solar Professional”. Members of the Program are carefully selected, trained, and certified. Through this unique installer certification program, REC ensures solar installers like you are equipped with the knowhow and best practices to
install REC panels, which provides end customers with an assurance that in addition to high-quality REC solar panels, they will receive a high-quality solar installation.

Beyond that, certified REC Solar Professional installers receive several benefits that add more power to their business, including sales tools, marketing support, and to exclusively offer an extended producted warranty. With the REC Solar Professional logo, you demonstrate that you offer best-in-class service and reliability with a best-in-class product.

Qualification Criteria

The REC Solar Professional Program is for experienced solar installers with a proven track record. To qualify, the following criteria must be met:

    → Possess at least two years of experience as a professional installer of solar panels
    → Be recommended/nominated by an REC Platinum Partner
    → Able to demonstrate technical expertise (e.g. national accreditation if available)
    → Attend an REC Solar Professional training and certification session
    → Sign the REC Solar Professional Program terms and conditions.

Rich with Real Benefits that Deliver Real Value

Benefit 01
Professional Certification Program

By becoming an REC Solar Professional installer and taking part in the comprehensive training sessions, you are then recognized as a skilled and qualified seller and installer of REC panels, giving added value to your company, colleagues, and customers.

Welcome Pack

As soon as you have successfully completed the certification training, we’ll equip you with everything you need to market your business and REC panels immediately: rollup poster, mini solar panel, framed certificate, branded USB stick with training material pre-loaded, plus other REC-branded promotional material.

Benefit 03
Marketing support

We understand that marketing may not be the focus of your business. That’s why REC will support you with what you need to sell more. Whether you need free product data sheets, technical whitepapers, company fact sheets, or REC branded merchandise for your sales efforts, we’ve got you covered.

Benefit 04
Extended warranty (20 + 5 years)

As an REC Solar Professional, you can exclusively offer your customers an additional five years on the 20-year product warranty for rooftop installations up to 500 kW. This comes in addition to REC’s 25-year linear power output warranty. To validate the +5 year warranty, all you need to do is register the panels and installation. The panels just need to be purchased from an REC Platinum Partner distributor.

Benefit 05
(Compensation for Service Fees)

As one of the most reliable solar panel manufacturers, REC takes responsibility beyond the sale of their panels. In case of an approved claim, REC will compensate you with a cash payment for the time spent servicing an installation.

Benefit 06
Inclusion in REC Installer Locator

The installer locator is one of the most-visited pages on the REC website. Your listing in the Installer Locator gives you added visibility and ensures end customers can find and contact you quickly and easily.

Benefit 07
Quarterly e-Newsletter

Stay informed with tailored and customized news. Get the REC news and information that matters most to your business directly in your email inbox; quarterly so you’re not being spammed.

Benefit 08
Installer Portal access

With quick access to support and information, this dedicated and secure online resource includes exclusive tools and comprehensive training material, keeping you at the forefront of best practices.

Become an REC Solar Professional today!

Contact us at (877) 297-0014 for more information.

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