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Sanyo Panasonic 205 Watt Solar Panel HIT-205BA19

  • 205 Watt Peak Output
  • Cell Efficiency: 20.2%
  • Module Efficiency: 17.7%
  • 5 Year Workmanship Warranty, 20 Year Power Output
  • Monocrystalline cells for high-efficiency and uniform dark color.
  • Perfect for high-power grid-tie and high-power battery charging using a MPPT charge controller.

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For Residential Solar Grid-Tie Systems

High Efficiency
HIT® Power solar panels are leaders in sunlight conversion efficiency. Obtain maximum power within a fixed amount of space. Save money using fewer system attachments and racking materials, and reduce costs by spending less time installing
per watt.

Power Guarantee
SANYO's power ratings for HIT Power panels guarantee customers receive 100% of the nameplate rated power (or more) at the time of purchase, enabling owners to generate more kWh per rated watt, quicken investment returns, and help realize
complete customer satisfaction.

Temperature Performance
As temperatures rise, HIT Power solar panels produce 10% or more electricity (kWh) than conventional crystalline silicon solar panels at the same temperature.

Proprietary Technology
HIT solar cells are hybrids of single crystalline silicon surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, and are available solely from SANYO. HIT Power models are ideal for grid-connected solar systems, areas with performance based incentives, and renewable energy credits.

Structural Strength
HIT Power panels have a double-wall black anodized aluminum frame for extra strength, and are tested to 60PSF. The panels come pre-equipped with a touchsafe junction box, USE-2 outdoor rated cables, MC4™ locking connectors, and are UL 1703 safety rated for wind, hail, and fire.

Valuable Features
HIT Power solar panels operate silently, have no moving parts and are among the lightest per watt in the industry. Unique eco-packaging minimizes cardboard waste at the job site. The packing density of the panels reduces transportation, fuel, and storage costs per installed watt.

Quality Products
SANYO silicon wafers located inside HIT solar panels are made in California, USA, and the panels are assembled in an ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), and 18001 (safety) certified factory. The panels have a Limited 20-Year Power Output
and 5-Year Product Workmanship Warranty.

*HIT stands for Heterojunction with Intrisic Thin Layer. Supported by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) in Japan. Specifications, product design, and information on this website are subject to change without notice.

Model Rating Description Price


205 Watts

Model: HIP-205BA19
Type: HIT Monocrystalline
Connection: No. 12 AWG MC4 Cable
with locking connectors. 24.8" cable length
Frame: Black anodized aluminum with tempered glass
Peak Power: 205 watts
PTC Rating: 191.9 watts
Warranty: 5 Years Workmanship,
20 Years Power Output


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About HIT Technology

The SANYO HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) solar cell is composed of a single thin crystalline silicon wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. This product provides industry-leading performance and value using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Crystalline silicon solar cell and HIT solar cell structure comparison
High output produced by minimizing power generation losses in the non-regular grid area on the solar cell surface.

HIT solar cells improve boundary characteristics and reduce power generation losses by forming impurity-free i-type amorphous silicon layers between the crystalline base and p- and n-type amorphous silicon layers.



high temperature

more power

News Release

SANYO Commences Operations at the New Shiga Factory for Solar Module Production Responding to expected growth in domestic market demand

Tokyo, August 5, 2008

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announces that it has completed construction of the Shiga Plant at its Shiga facilities (Ohtsu City, Shiga Prefecture) which was constructed for the assembly of HIT solar cell modules as part of continuing plans to expand and develop its Solar business.

The Shiga Plant will have an initial production capacity of 40 MW, and SANYO will consider expanding the production capacity of the factory upon further review of market trends and demand. SANYO currently produces HIT solar cells at two factories, at the Nishikinohama Factory (Kaizuka City, Osaka) and Shimane SANYO Electric Co. (Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture). The modules, or panels, are then assembled at two domestic facilities (Nishikinohama Factory and the Tokyo Plant) and two overseas facilities (Hungary and Monterrey (Mexico) Factories). With the new operation at the Shiga Plant which will be one of the major bases for module production, SANYO will respond to domestic market demands, including increases in demand in the future.

Outline of the Solar Business Shiga Factory

• Factory address: 1-1-1, Seta, Ohtsu City, Shiga Prefecture
• Building area: 7000m2 (new factory area)
• Production capacity: Annual capacity of 40MW (FY2008)
• Investment amount: Approx. 2 billion yen
• Ancillary facilities: Solar power generation system 50 kW

sanyo solar ark About Sanyo Solar

Sanyo's solar division was established in 1976 in Carson, California.

Working toward a better future for humankind, Solec creates products that convert the sun's energy into electric power.

Since 1967 Solec solar electric modules have been used worldwide in urban and remote locations. From major metropolitan areas to small villages, Solec's cost effective modules work dependably and efficiently.

In 1994, Solec combined forces with SANYO Electric, Japan. Both companies share a commitment to excellence and making strides toward improvements in the solar energy industry. These are exemplified by the numerous patents held by the companies and proprietary advances that have been made. Further, in our efforts to manufacture a superior product, Solec's modern equipment uses high quality materials.

Solec was a pioneer in developing major improvements in crystalline silicon photovoltaic (PV) technology. Today many high-power PV applications utilize crystalline silicon single crystal cells and photovoltaic modules.

In 1997, SANYO introduced a product called HIT Power 21™ (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer). This 21st century hybrid product combines the single crystalline cell with amorphous silicon. The result has been astounding. The HIT™ cells have the capability of achieving an incredible 20% efficiency rating in laboratory conditions.

Solec continues to find ways to harness the energy of sun to provide alternative energy. Their goal is to preserve our environment by bringing the sun down to earth.