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Schneider XW Solar Battery Backup Inverter Systems

Schneider XW Inverter Off-Grid or Grid-Connected / Battery Backup Systems
  • Highest surge capacity for those bigger loads
  • Add battery backup to any existing grid tie inverter system
  • Can be used as primary grid tie inverter (Need MPPT Controller)
  • Easy to program, includes system & genstart controller
  • Remote/PC communication via Comm Gateway
  • Backed by Schneider, a $20B company (Square D)
  • Use XW-MPPT Controllers for stand alone grid tie or off grid
  • True sine wave provides clean output for sensitive electronics

Schneider 6048X1-1P 6 kW Battery Based Inverter System, 240VAC/1PH

Example of Schneider XW Solar Grid Tie with Battery Backup AC Coupled System:

Example of Schneider XW AC Coupled System with grid tie inverter and battery backup