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Model Number MPE185-MS05
STC Rating 185.0
PTC Rating 167.2
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 44.8
Short Circuit Current (A) 5.47
Frame Color Black
Origin Taiwan
Power % ± 0/5
(W/ft²) 13.10
Area (ft²) 0.0
Weight (lbs) 33.1
Length (in) 62.20
Width (in) 31.80
Height (in) 1.60

Schuco MPE185-MS05 Solar Panels

The Schuco MPE 185 MS 05 solar panel is distinguished by their exceptionally efficient monocrystalline cells. They have a sleek look that perfectly compliments dark asphalt shingle roofs.

Monocrystalline cell technology used in the MPE185-MS05 delivers unquestionably high performance and reliable longevity. A reduction in the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases is given, but increased revenues can be realized by reductions in electric bills or the sale of electricity.

The proven, well established presence of monocrystalline cells of the MPE 185 MS 05 ensures investment security and peace of mind.

  • The Schuco MPE185 MS 05 provides high powered monocrystalline performance for solar panel systems
  • Anti-reflective coating on the tempered glass for durability and efficiency
  • State-of-the-art silver front contacts with back surface field
  • Manufactured with the highest technical standards resulting in highly efficient, long-life cells
  • Aesthetically pleasing black aluminum alloy frame
  • Double oxidation coating for added protection against the elements
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards
  • UL certified, UL listed based on UL 1703

Reliable Performance

Schuco MPE185 MS05 Solar Panels

Schuco MPE 185-MS05 Solar Panel Array Schuco MPE modules in the MS 05 series assure high-powered, reliable performance for solar projects both on- and off-grid.

Each PV cell features anti-reflective coatings, state-of-the-art silver front contacts, and full coverage aluminum back contacts with a back surface field. Our PV cells are meticulously manufactured in accordance with the highest technical standards, ensuring excellence at every stage of the production process and resulting in highly efficient, long-life cells.

Built to Last

The frames of the MPE185 MS05 solar panel are constructed of aluminum alloy for maximum endurance in rugged weather conditions. They are also given a double oxidation coating for added protection against the elements, assuring impressive longevity even under adverse conditions. The load bearing capacity for snow and wind loads is 50 lbs/sq ft (2.394 kN/ sq m)

The modules fully adhere to Germany's stringent ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards. The modules are fully UL certified based on UL 1703. Every cell is individually inspected and power-matched to ensure consistent performance between the cells in the module array. More-over, each PV cell is individually inspected and checked for current reversion, micro cracks, chipping, warping.