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Model Number MPE225-PS-09
STC Rating 225.0
PTC Rating 204.2
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 36.88
Short Circuit Current (A) 8.27
Frame Color Silver
Origin Taiwan
Power % ± 0/5
(W/ft²) 13.30
Area (ft²) 0.0
Weight (lbs) 44.1
Length (in) 65.04
Width (in) 39.13
Height (in) 1.80

Schuco MPE225-PS-09 Solar Panels

Durable and Economical Polycrystalline Modules

Schuco MPE modules in the PS 09 Series are known for their rugged design and outstanding performance. This makes the a popular choice for both commercial and residential installations.

The production process for the MPE 225 PS 09 polycrystalline cells is more energy efficient than that of some of ther photovoltaic technologies, helping the Earth and the bottom line. The MPE 225 PS09 start with high quality materials. These solar panels are manufactured to a stringent specification, resulting in a sturdy product with optimized yields.

The Schuco MPE225 PS09 solar panel is designed to withstand a wide variety of weather extremes and manufactured to a strict set of quality standard. Performance data is measured prior to the solar module leaving the factory and labeled both on the backsheet and the module packaging. This provides a more convenient installation experience.

SKU MPE225-PS-09
  • High-efficiency polycrystalline cells provide advanced power output
  • Comprehensive warranty ensures investment security and reliable solar system operation
  • Anodized silver frame will resist weather elements
  • Perfect for both commercial and residential solar system applications
  • Manufactured with high quality, robust materials
  • The racking systems and inverter provided by Solar Electric Supply are specially designed for the MPE 225 PS 09 solar panel. This results in an optimized PV solar system solution.
  • German engineering ensures quality assurance
  • German

Highest Quality PV Modules

Schuco Solar Panels Schuco MPE modules in the PS 09 series are distinguished by polycrystalline solar cells with high cell efficiencies for the highest possible outputs per square meter of module area. The output tolerance of -0%/+5% ensures the highest quality and means increased outputs due to a guaranteed rated output for each module.

Comprehensive Guarantee

All Schuco MPE modules including the MPE 225 PS 09 have a 5-year product guarantee. The guarantee on output values is considerably longer - after 25 years, the Schuco MPE module in the PS 09 series will still provide at least 80% of its rated output. Every module is manufactured according to current quality standards.

Quality Control

Prior to delivery, each module is subject to a visual and electrical quality test. The performance data measured are indicated on the back of the module and on the packaging. Homogeneous module fields can be grouped together quickly and effectively during installation.

The frames of the MPE 225 PS 09 are constructed of aluminum alloy for maximum endurance in rugged weather conditions. They are also given a double oxidation coating for added protection against the elements, assuring impressive longevity even under adverse conditions.

The modules fully adhere to Germany's stringent ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards. The modules are fully UL certified based on UL 1703. Every cell is individually inspected and power-matched to ensure consistent performance between the cells in the module array. More-over, each Schuco MPE 225 PS 09 PV cell is individually inspected and checked for current reversion, micro cracks, chipping, warping.