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Model Number MPE240-PS-09
STC Rating 240.0
PTC Rating 218.1
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 37.8
Short Circuit Current (A) 8.59
Frame Color Aluminum
Origin Taiwan
Power % ± 0/5
(W/ft²) 13.62
Area (ft²) 17.7
Weight (lbs) 44.1
Length (in) 65.04
Width (in) 39.13
Height (in) 1.77

Schuco MPE240-PS-09 Solar Panels

Durable and Economical Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Schuco MPE Modules in the PS 09 Series are known for their rugged design and outstanding performance. This makes them a popular choice for both commercial and residential installations.

The production process for Schuco polycrystalline cells is more energy efficient than that of some other photovoltaic technologies. This helps the Earth and the bottom line.

Starting with high quality materials, these solar panels are manufactured to stringent specifications. This results in a sturdy solar panel with optimized yields. The MPE 240 PS 09 has a 14.6% efficiency.

SKU MPE240-PS-09
  • High-efficiency polycrystalline cells provide advanced power output.
  • Comprehensive warranty ensures investment security and reliable system operation
  • Perfect for both commercial and residential applications
  • Manufactured with high quality robust materials


Schuco Solar Panel History

Schuco MPE 240-PS-09 Solar System Installation at Home

The history of Schueco International company's success began in 1951. A little but ambitious team began to build aluminum shop fronts and facade units. Already in 1954 the company moved to Bielefeld, where they established the first group of Schueco company. Then first branches were opened in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Duesseldorf.

When Schuco became part of the Otto-Fuchs Group (Meinerzhagen) in 1963, its rise to world company status began.

In the 70s Schueco expanded into the rest of Europe and then became the first in the industry to operate worldwide.

Starting from 80s, Schueco becomes the leading manufacturer in the market of windows, facades and winter gardens manufacturers. This success is based, first of all, on innovations, their being close to the market and outstanding service.

Today it has 4,600 employees and 12,000 partner companies in over 70 countries; passionate designers and customer-focused, quality-conscious people of action.

The Estel company is an official processor of Schueco's aluminum profiles, entering the top 5 Russian Schueco partners.
Working with Schueco, Estel ensures high-quality products, which are up to the highest standards in technology, aesthetics, heat insulation and energy saving.
In 2006 Estel company received the "Premium Partner SCHUECO International" certificate for outstanding success in the design and realization of projects in Russia using Schueco's top-notch technologies.

Solar energy is the only energy source that doesn't contaminate the environment or can be used in a bad way. Solar energy is clean, it reduces energy costs and is promoted by attractive subsidies.

"Estel" company offers you a wide range of solar systems. They can use solar energy to generate heat (solar thermal systems) or electricity (photovoltaic systems) energy.

The use of photovoltaic modules in facade constructions combines the technology of glazing with the energy generation. Having temperature, acoustic and mechanical characteristics of a common glazing, photovoltaic systems generate electricity energy and regulate the light penetration, thus providing energetic balance in the building.

Solar systems have high quality and let you use the solar energy for many years, without causing any harm to the environment, they let you decrease the energy use in the house and harmful gas, which creates hothouse effect, thus saving environment and ensuring a pleasant and comfortable home environment.



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