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Model Number MPE 250 MS08
STC Rating 250.0
PTC Rating 224.1
Open Circuit Voltage (V) 37.9
Short Circuit Current (A) 8.66
Frame Color Black
Origin Taiwan
Power % ± 0/5
(W/ft²) 14.20
Area (ft²) 17.6
Weight (lbs) 44.1
Length (in) 65.00
Width (in) 39.06
Height (in) 1.57

Schuco MPE250 MS08 Solar Panels

Highly efficient monocrystalline technology

The Schuco MPE MS 08 MPE 250 offers an all black appearance with superior aesthetics to compliment any roof. Its exceptionally high power density maximizes module performance with output of 250 Watts.

Monocrystalline cell technology delivers unquestionably high performance and reliable longevity. A reduction in the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases is a given, but increased revenues can be realized by reductions in electric bills or the sale of electricity. The proven, well established presence of monocrystalline cells in the solar realm ensures investment security and peace of mind.

Each MS 08 module is designed to withstand a wide variety of weather extremes and manufactured to Schuco‘s stringent set of quality standards. Performance data is measured prior to the module leaving the factory and labeled both on the backsheet and the module packaging for a more convenient installation process.

SKU MPE 250 MS08
  • Black frame and back frame color of the MS 08 series is aesthetically pleasing on any home or business
  • Higher efficiencies mean more power produced per square foot installed
  • PV wire cables allows use of transformerless inverters
  • Proven monocrystalline technology translates into longevity and a solid investment in your home or business
  • Manufactured with high quality, robust materials
  • Comprehensive warranty ensures investment security and reliable system operation
  • Our mounting racking systems and inverters are specially designed to accommodate Schuco MPE 250 modules, this results in an optimized PV package solution for the MS 08 Series.
Schuco MPE 250-MS-08 Dimensions