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Sunny Tripower 15000TL-US specifications

SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL-US

15,300 Watts Max. Power
98.2% Efficiency
US Model w/ gray lid
SMA Model Number STP 15000TL-US-10
Max Usable AC Power 15,300 Watts
Peak Efficiency 98.2%
CEC Weighted Efficiency 97.5%
Weight 121 lbs.
Width 26.1 in.
Height 27.1 in.
Depth 10.4 in.
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SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL-US Inverter

SKU 15000TL-US
SMA Tripower

SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL-US Inverter

The ultimate solution for decentralized PV solar power plants

Sunny Tripower commercial solar system utility grid
Tripower inverters are ideal for commercial utility-connected solar power systems. These decentralized PV systems are modular, scalable, economical and extremely efficient.

The 15000TL-US has design flexibility

  • 1000 V DC or 600 V DC
  • Two independent DC inputs
  • 15° to 90° mounting angle range
  • Detachable DC Connection Unit

Tripower inverters are extremely efficient

  • 97.5% CEC, 98.2% Peak
  • 1000 V DC increases system efficiency
  • OptiTrac advanced MPPT
  • OptiTrac Global Peak MPPT

Enhanced safety features

  • Integrated DC AFCI
  • Floating system with all-pole sensitive ground fault protection
  • Reverse polarity indicator

Commercial solar system

Commercial Solar Systems

With decades of experience, Solar Electric Supply has the knowledgeable staff for just about any commercial decentralized solar power system project. Contact us for the latest low wholesale prices, expert reviews or system design.

Future Proof

  • Complete grid management feature set
  • Cluster Controller, WebConnect/Speedwire
  • Bi-directional Ethernet communications
  • Ability to satisfy future utility requirements

Designed for commercial grid-connected solar systems

Featuring a peak efficiency of above 98 percent, the Sunny Tripower 15000TL-US allows for maximum solar power harvest. This is achieved using advanced OptiTrac Global Peak MPP tracking shade management and a DC input voltage range of up to 1000 volts. This three-phase, transformerless solar power inverter has everything needed to ensure high efficiency. Sunny Tripower offers security, thanks, in part, to integrated arc fault detection.

Equipped with two independent MPP trackers, the Sunny Tripower TL-US can be used in applications with input voltages from 600 volts up to 1000 volts. This offers enormous flexibility in the design of a decentralized commercial solar system. Grid management functions are of course included as standard as well as the most cutting-edge communication and monitoring technology.

Sunny Tripower 15000TL-US Accessories

Speedwire - Webconnect Interface
Speedwire / Webconnect Interface
The Speedwire/Webconnect data module is a Speedwire communication interface with Webconnect function for inverters.
SMA Cluster Controller
SMA Cluster Controller
Combined with the highly efficient SMA string inverters, the SMA Cluster Controller is the perfect system solution for decentralized large-scale PV power plants.
SMA ReadyRack
SMA ReadyRack
The SMA ReadyRack™ is specifically designed for the world’s top-selling three-phase inverter, the Sunny Tripower TL-US. The SMA ReadyRack allows for a simplified installation that includes all balance of system components, such as the AC disconnect, combiners, cables and more.
1000-US Connection Kit
1000-US Connection Unit
The Connection Unit is an optional system component of the Sunny Tripower TL-US production series and includes Combiner Box and disconnect functionality in one convenient enclosure. Its integrated reverse polarity indicator supports safe installation.
RS485 Data Interface
RS485 Data Interface
The ideal solution for the expansion of existing PV systems that already use RS485 communication. The RS485 interface can be retrofitted and guarantees the proven, cable-based SMA fieldbus communication via RS485 for simple connection to a data logger with a cable length of up to 1,200 meters.
Modbus Protocol Interface
Modbus Protocol Interface
With the Modbus protocol interface, SMA makes flexible integration of inverters possible. Through the use of this well-known industry standard, you can integrate SMA inverters into your systems without having to follow the SMA-specific inverter protocol.


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