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Discover AES Batteries

Discover AES LiFePO4 battery storage systems will outlast lead-acid batteries.

Every Discover AES battery provides 10x the energy storage capacity over lead acid batteries and dramatically reduces your energy storage costs over the life of the system.

Discover AES 44-24-2800 battery
Discover AES Battery
  1. LiFePO4 technology
  2. 24V Nominal Voltage
  3. Xanbus compatible
  4. 110 Ahr capacity
Discover AES 42-48-6650 battery
Discover AES Battery

  • LiFePO4 technology
  • 48V Nominal Voltage
  • Xanbus compatible
  • 130 Ahr capacity
  • LiFePO4

    Discover AES LifePO4 Battery vs Lead Acid

    Lead acid manufacturers (including Discover) have conditioned you to look at “Temperature vs. Cycle Life” or “Cycle Life vs. Depth of Discharge (DOD)” graphs to indicate expected life or, more accurately, their remaining time to failure, and to overlook the “big elephant in the room”, which is that lead acid batteries start to lose their original capacity nearly the moment they are put into service and that the total available capacity in cycle 500 will be much less than the total available capacity in cycle 10.

    The industry aggressively contends that “life cycles” are the measure of a batteries quality versus the competition and its suitableness for energy storage use. A successful high quality lead acid battery bank will maintain its ability to deliver its original published capacity for 500 cycles (less than 18 months of daily cycling) only if the batteries are kept cool, not deeply discharged, recharged completely every cycle and watered regularly (flooded cells). In the real world, cycle counting is neither verifiable nor reflective of the real function of a battery bank, which is, storing energy.

    Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries with AEON cycle life technology can be continuously operated in a partial State of Charge (SOC), or alternatively discharged and charged to 100% of its rated capacity without consequence. Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries will provide > 90% of original energy storage capacity for a minimum of 10x that of a high-quality lead acid bank.

    Discover AES Battery Warranty

    Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries are warranted by a 10-year, unlimited cycle, 38 MWh total energy throughput warranty providing confidence that Discover’s batteries will provide your customers with the long-term, reliable energy storage they are paying for.

    Take it from a company that has been designing, manufacturing, distributing and installing lead acid batteries since 1949: You can’t afford lead.

    Discover AES Battery Features


    Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries will significantly outlast lead acid batteries, and dramatically reduce energy storage costs over the life of the system.



    Discover’s RAPI-CHARGE© charge source optimization allows Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries to fully recharge up to 5x faster than new lead acid batteries or up to 10x faster than aged lead acid batteries.



    With round trip efficiency measured at >95%, MISER© technology by Discover saves at least 15% of stored energy capacity, each and every time the system is cycled when compared to high quality, lead acid battery options.



    Every Discover AES battery has JUCE©, doubling run-time and energy output over lead-acid battery banks of the same capacity.



    Discover AES batteries with SENTRY© are cleaner and safer than lead-acid batteries. Stable and high-performing LiFePO4 cells managed by our proprietary, 3rd generation BMS design have been tested and certified to stringent UL1973 and UN38.3 standards for safety and transport.

    parallel power


    Scalable energy storage to meet the run-time and autonomy requirements unique to off-grid solar and whole home backup power.



    Discover’s LYNK enables remote reporting of system level status through existing web portal and cloud monitoring services. Plug-and-play, closed loop communications provides adaptive, real- time interaction between the Discover AES LiFePO4 battery and connected power electronics.

    Solar Electric Supply is an approved PG&E, So. Cal. Edison, SDG&E and So. Cal. Gas supplier for critical load battery storage and solar systems.

    Discover AES Battery Accessories

    Discover LYNK

    Discover LYNK Communication Gateway

    Type A Battery Discharge Indicator

    Type A RS232 Battery Discharge Indicator

    Discover Type B CANBus battery discharge indicator

    Type B CANBus Battery Discharge Indicator

    Compatible Discover AES Systems

    Conext Quick Fit

    Conext Quick Fit

    Schneider Conext XW

    Schneider XW

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