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MidNite Solar E-Panel for SMA Sunny Island

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SMA Sunny Island e-panel system
Shown with inside view of e-Panel and
optional MPPT charge controller.

Sunny Island e-panel enclosure

MidNite Solar

The MidNite Solar E-Panel for the SMA Sunny Island is a quick and easy way to install a Sunny Island inverter to your home or cabin solar power system. It comes standard with the basic over-current protection and disconnects required to install your renewable energy system safely, quickly and to NEC Code. It can also expand to grow as your needs arise.

The picture at right shows an SMA inverter mounted on an E-Panel. OutBack and Magnum inverters mount on a unique hinged door to keep the footprint of the system as small as possible. Mounting brackets are included to aid in one person installations.

When the pre-wired MidNite E-Panels first came out late in 2005, the choices were easy. You were limited to an OutBack inverter and all you had to do was to pick the correct breaker size. Midnite Solar managed to accommodate many dealer and installer requests, but along with these enhancements come additional choices.

The enclosure of the Outback version is only 9.5 inches wide and 25 inches tall. It's main features are small size and low cost. The picture to the right doesn’t show it, but the insides have undergone a radical change in the form of individual AC busbars rather than the single AC block. This change allows up to 14 connections per circuit rather than only 5.

Another configuration to this series is the availability of an aluminum enclosure vs. the standard steel unit. Steel units are powder coated gray and the aluminum is white. The white aluminum E-Panels are used in places like Hawaii or Maine or wherever salt air is a factor. Aluminum E-Panels also weigh 9 pounds less than the gray steel versions. Some customers just like the look of white, so order aluminum just for that reason.

These E-Panels comes standard with the AC bypass and AC input disconnect pre-wired, din rails for 6 additional 13mm wide AC or DC breakers, battery breaker installed with plus and minus cables for the inverter, 500 amp/50mV shunt, battery plus busbar, battery minus busbar, AC busbars, ground busbar, DC cover, AC flex conduit tubing with couplers, MX60/Classic mounting bracket, grommets and bushings, numerous knock outs for cable entry and exit, lots of hardware for mounting inverter, charge controller etc, wall mounting brackets, installation instructions, wiring diagram mounted on the door, and a tech support phone number. These work great, even at midnight if you use solar panels to charge your batteries during the day.

MidNite Solar Enclosure Features:

Stacking horizontal or vertical is easy. Knock outs align top and bottom for vertical stacking left hand door required for horizontal stacking, exhaust opening shield included.

• Small size compared to existing disconnect and over current solution
• Pre-wired to save time, money and complexity. All field wiring connections are clearly labeled
• Pre-wired 50 amp 240VAC rated Inverter AC bypass switch
• Pre-wired 50 amp 240VAC rated AC Input disconnect
• Bus bars for Battery Plus, Battery Minus and ground
• Mounting hardware for Inverter and charge controller
• Mounting brackets for hanging E-Panel on wall
• Heavy duty 175 amp AC distribution block
• ETL listed to UL standards
• Standard Right hand hinged door to mount inverter
• Knockouts for AC and DC conduits
• Charge control bracket (CCB)
• Cut outs for two GFCI outlets
• DC Inverter battery breaker
• Internal inverter cables

Complete Sunny Island systems with MidNite Solar e-Panels

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MidNite Solar SMA Sunny Island E-Panel Dimensions:

Sunny Island E-Panel Dimensions

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