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Concorde Battery
Concorde Sun Xtender
Model Number
Battery Voltage 12 Volts
Industry Reference 8D
Capacity @ 24 Hr. Rate 258 AHr
Capacity @ 100 Hr. Rate 300 AHr
Length 20.76 in.
Width 10.89 in.
Height 9.77 in.
Weight 159 lbs.

Concorde® Sun Xtender® PVX-2580L 8D 12 Volt AGM Solar Battery

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Concorde® Sun Xtender® PVX-2580L 8D 12 Volt AGM Solar Battery

Concorde solar battery system The Sun Xtender PVX-2580L AGM battery is designed by Concorde Battery Corp. beyond industry standards for longevity, robust power and extreme reliability in remote off-grid solar power systems.

VRLA-AGM Deep Cycle Battery for Off Grid and Grid-Tied Systems

The Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-2580L AGM battery is a sealed, valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery designed for off-grid solar power systems. This model features "L" Blade (solid copper) terminals. All Sun Xtender batteries are supplied with silicon bronze bolts, nuts, and washers required for installation.

Concorde batteries have been proven and adopted by worldwide commercial and military users. Concorde now offers Sun Xtender® solar batteries that are application design specific, engineered and produced for consistent, dependable power requirements for demanding remote off-grid solar power.

The non-spillable construction allows this battery to be used upright or on its end or side and the maintenance-free AGM design means no water replenishment ever. Utilizing pure lead-calcium grids, the plates are thicker than the industry standard for longer cycle life, increased reliability and power. The low impedance AGM design allows for excellent charge acceptance and there is no current limit required with controlled voltage charging.

As with the whole Sun Xtender® family, the PVX-2580L features Concorde’s proprietary PolyGuard™ Microporous Polyethylene Separator that shields the positive plates against shorting, shock or vibration. No other manufacturers offer this dual layer insulation protection feature. Sun Xtender® battery covers and containers are molded with high-impact, reinforced copolymer polypropylene and are designed with thick end walls to prevent bulging. The solid copper L Blade Terminals are corrosion resistant and are supplied with silicon bronze bolts, washers, and nuts

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PVX-2580L AGM Battery Review

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Concorde Sun Xtender PVX-2580L AGM Battery Review

  • Pure Copper Terminals for improved electrical connections.
  • No exposed lead terminals. This change was incorporated to improve environmental safety and health.
  • Threaded insert terminals are recessed to prevent short circuits across battery connections.
  • New cover is flat top design. No protruding or exposed vent valves.
  • Built in lifting handles.
  • Reinforced container walls to reduce bulging.
  • High Impact Strength Copolymer Polypropylene Case and Cover.
  • Completely Sealed Valve Regulated Construction.
  • Immobilized Electrolyte Non-Spillable.
  • Maintenance Free Design Never Requires Watering.
  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Micro-porous Glass Separators retain electrolyte.
  • Flame Arresting Pressure Regulated Safety Valves.
  • UL Recognized Systems Component.
  • Positive Plates - Proprietary Lead Calcium Alloy- Negatives Plates - Lead Calcium.
  • Low Self Discharge Rate Approximately 1 % per month at 25°C (77°F).
  • Operate over a Wide Range of Temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +72°C (+160°F).
  • Classified as "Non-Spillable Battery" for transport. Complies with DOT HMR49, Non-Hazardous Materials.

The PVX-2580L AGM solar battery is ideal for powering telecommunications, island power, cellular radio, microgrid, remote wi-fi, wind farms, railroad signs/communication, remote residential, grid-tie battery backup, and uninterruptible power sources (UPS).

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