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SMA Sunny Tripower 60-US

SMA Model Number STP 60-US-10
w/ DC Disconnect
Max Usable AC Power 60,000 Watts
Peak Efficiency 98.8%
CEC Weighted Efficiency @ 480 VAC 98.5%
Weight 165.3 lbs.
Width 22.4 in.
Height 29.1 in.
Depth 11.8 in.

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SMA Sunny Tripower 60-US Inverter

SKU STP-60-US-10
SMA Sunny Tripower

SMA Sunny Tripower 60-US Inverter

Centralized inverter design for large-scale solar power plants

Sunny Tripower 60 commercial solar system
The SMA Sunny Tripower 60 inverter is the efficient solution for large-scale solar PV power plants of the future.

The Sunny Tripower 60-US (formerly the MLX 60) is part of an innovative, solar power system solution for commercial and utility PV plants. This solution combines the advantages of a decentralized system layout with the benefits of centralized solar inverter designs which results in the best of both worlds.

High efficiency, easy installation, simple commissioning and low maintenance requirements contribute decisively to reducing the operating costs for the entire solar power plant.

Centralized system design flexibility with maximum efficiency
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.8 %
  • Superior power density: 60 kVA at only 165 pounds

The SMA Sunny Tripower 60 inverter solution consists of four components: highly efficient inverters, the flexible combiner boxes, the central SMA inverter manager and the LCS commissioning tool. It is precisely this systemized approach that makes the Sunny Tripower 60 so unique and guarantees a high level of performance along with maximum flexibility in system planning and design.

  • Distributed architecture for maximum system availability
  • Central control with SMA Inverter Manager
  • DC input of up to 1,000 V for maximum production
  • Up to 2.5 MW per inverter manager for lower overhead
Innovative centralized inverter design
  • Suitable for commercial and utility applications
  • Complete grid management feature set

Commercial solar system
Commercial Solar Systems

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Sunny Tripower 60-US Inverter Review

The flexible external combiner boxes used in Sunny Tripower 60 solar systems are adaptable to various regional standards and generator configurations.

The Sunny Tripower 60 inverter's design is impressive

No other inverter weighing only 75 kg with an output of 60 kVA offers this. With its compact design, the Sunny Tripower 60-US requires little space, reduces on-site preparation work, simplifies installation and lowers maintenance costs.

Innovative system management with the SMA Inverter Manager

The SMA inverter manager is the central communications component and sole interface for the entire system control. It handles all the important inverter and system management functions for up to 42 inverters in one system (up to 2.5 MW). Based on the Modbus TCP and SunSpec Alliance Communication, it can be easily integrated into a superior communication system while also ensuring data exchange with external providers. Moreover, the SMA inverter manager handles grid management function exchanges with the grid operator.

Easy commissioning with the LCS commissioning tool

The specially developed LCS tool (Local Commissioning and Service Tool) makes commissioning easy, saves time and reduces costs. The inverter is configured by simply selecting the system-specific configuration files and then transmitting them to all inverters. Furthermore, by reading the status, current values and incidents at the inverter level can make troubleshooting and bug-fixing considerably easier.

External Combiner Box for flexible system design

The module strings are connected to the inverters using the external PV array junction boxes. This allows the system to flexibly adapt to various regional standards and the generator configuration. This new design decisively contributes to reducing system costs.

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