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KACO blueplanet String Inverters

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No Longer Available


KACO Inverters - blueplanet String Inverter Series

Solar systems using KACO blueplanet inverters work longer than the competition with its wide MPPT range. The wide voltage range allows string sizing flexibility with all PV modules and temperature ranges for a wide variety of solar system designs for residential and commercial applications.

Up to 95.5% CEC efficiency ensures low energy losses and handsome rebate incentives. The low start-up voltage ensures even more solar power harvest time using the newest generation IGBTs and advanced MPPT algorithms.

All KACO blueplanet inverters include pre-wired & separable integrated DC/AC disconnects. The connection box directly connects multiple inverters. Multiple knock-outs on bottom, sides and back offer great installation flexibility. easyINSTALL T-bracket minimizes mounting process to approximately 15 minutes.

Field selectable voltages on the blueplanet 02xi series inverters allow different voltage grid settings to make many KACO blueplanet inverters very flexible in solar system designs. KACO blueplanet series inverters are up usually at least 50% lighter than comparably sized inverters making them easier to install and mount. Some commercial models are even lighter in comparison. No fan cooling outlets on the sides allows for less side clearance for more mounting options.

Models like the XP10U-H4-PSD include a visible and lockable PV System Disconnection (PSD) for convenience and safety. It even features a built-in web server to provide solar power production statistics virtually anywhere directly from the inverter.

KACO new energy specializes in PV inverters, performance monitoring systems, and power supply systems for industrial rail applications. Continued growth will see KACO new energy enter the emerging markets of energy storage systems and rural electrification.

blueplanet TL3 Series Inverters

The TL3 inverter family. How is it different?

KACO provides a truly global platform with the introduction of the blueplanet TL3 inverters. Over 750MW of this technology is already installed across the globe. In the US, the TL3 family comprises 7 different inverters, from 10 kW to 50 kW and is available for both 600V and 1000V DC system voltages. TL3 Series models include the blueplanet 32.0-TL3, 40.0-TL3 and the 50.0-TL3. The TL3 series is a perfect application for commercial three-phase and utility-scale applications; from flat and multi-angle rooftop to fixed and tracking ground mount projects. Their key advantages are a best in class 97.5% CEC efficiency, transformerless design, wide input voltage range, ease of installation, and design flexibility all with globally certified power control features. In this size range KACO provides one of the best power densities (power to weight ratios) available and the largest operating temperature range. KACO has received numerous certifications for grid support functions and can meet the requirements for every utility in North America including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and all 50 states.

What are the types of installations are the TL3 inverters targeted at?

As mentioned above, the blueplanet TL3 series features a flexible design and is a perfect application for commercial rooftop, carport, and ground mount systems. The 32, 40, and 50 kW inverters have both one and three Maximum Power Point (MPP) tracker versions available. The 3 MPP units are perfect for complex installations on commercial rooftops; the 1 MPP units are perfect for ground mounted systems where shading, inter-row spacing, and ground topology is less of an issue. The lightweight 10 kW unit with 2 MPP is perfect for smaller commercial and carport systems.


KACO Inverters are No Longer Available.


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