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PV Powered Inverters

Solar Electric Supply provides solar inverter systems at a wholesale price. Commercial, government, educational and contractor discounts available.

PV Powered
made in USA
contractor discount

PV Powered™ grid-tie inverters are manufactured by Advanced Energy They set the industry standard for high reliability, ease of installation, and lifetime maintainability.

Residential PV Powered Inverters
PVP1100 PVP2000 PVP2500 PVP2800 PVP3000 PVP3500 PVP4600 PVP4800 PVP5200

Commercial PV Powered Inverters
PVP30kW PVP35kW PVP50kW PVP75kW Solaron 250 Solaron 333

About PV Powered:

PV Powered, Inc. delivers reliability and technical innovations which reduce the cost of PV systems and system installation. PV Powered is the only manufacturer that integrates an inverter with AC/DC disconnect and is listed to the UL 98 Standard. The UL 98 Standard, called “Enclosed and Dead-front Switches” ensures the integrated PV Powered disconnect meets all installation and inspection requirements of a PV System Disconnect. Housed within an NEC Compliant wire raceway, PV Powered’s innovative disconnect consists of one enclosure with generous working room for installation. In addition to providing for a single point of connection from the utility service and PV array, the wire raceway’s optimized knockout locations also provide options for side, bottom and back entry with minimized conduit bending. The wire raceway enables flush side-by-side mounting, eliminating the need for extra equipment and resulting in a cleaner, less expensive installation.

PV Powered’s string inverters are backed by the industry’s first nation-wide ten year warranty and equipment replacement program. Optional performance monitoring is available which includes low cost, secure web-based access to inverter status and performance history.

  • Integrated AC and DC PV Disconnect
  • Field-proven technology with thousands of units installed nationwide
  • Single AC/DC switch visible and lockable in the OFF position
  • Factory integrated inverter and PV System Disconnect eliminates the need for extra equipment
  • Interconnections reduced from 12 to 4 points, saving installation time and material costs
  • Field-configurable inverter grounding schema with simple jumper selection
  • Optimally placed knockouts for a variety of conduit routing options
PV Powered Residential Inverter Specification Sheet
PVP 30kW Commercial Inverter Specification Sheet
PVP 35kW Commercial Inverter Specification Sheet
PVP 50kW Commercial Inverter Specification Sheet
PVP 75kW Commercial Inverter Specification Sheet

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