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SolarEdge Power Optimizers

Latest optimizer models for home & commercial SolarEdge inverter systems.


P300 Optimizer
P320 Optimizer
P350 Optimizer
P370 Optimizer
P400 Optimizer
P505 Optimizer


P600 Optimizer
P700 Optimizer
P730 Optimizer
P800p Optimizer
P800s Optimizer

SolarEdge Power Optimizer
SolarEdge Power Optimizers are designed to outlast the solar modules they are mounted to.

SolarEdge Power Optimizer Review

SolarEdge optimizers track Maximum Power Point (MPP) at the module-level and thus mitigate shading losses occurring with string or central MPP tracking. In addition, as opposed to micro inverters, power optimizers can track a module’s MPP at voltages as low as 5 volts, a specification allowing SolarEdge to optimize module performance even under severe shading conditions.

SolarEdge Power Optimizers perform solar module-level MPPT and are typically fed into a central SolarEdge SE Series grid-tie inverter on a single string of modules. The parallel design of the optimizers allow for a fixed low voltage, regardless of the string length. The power optimizers work in conjunction with the inverter to allow module-level monitoring and fault detection on the SolarEdge web portal.

Commercial P5 Series Power Optimizers

Commercial optimizers are similar to residential optimizers yet allow two PV modules connected in series or parallel to each optimizer. This results in reduced balance of system cost by using 50% less cables, fuses and combiner boxes. Over 2x longer module string lengths are possible.

Very efficient even in partially shaded conditions

The annual percentage of energy recovered by power optimizers were compared to traditional string inverter systems in shaded conditions. SolarEdge optimized systems generate 2%, 5% and over 8% more energy than traditional string inverters in light, medium and heavy shading scenarios, respectively.

The SolarEdge system outperformed all systems in annual energy production demonstrating higher results than a leading microinverter solution as well. We have a microinverter vs. optimizer review webpage devoted to explaining the differences between the two.

A Power Optimizer for Every Grid-Tie PV Application

The P5 Series power optimizers provide superior matching between power optimizer and PV module ratings (power, voltage and current). The following is a rough guide to get started. Please contact us or refer to the SolarEdge Site Designer for detailed SolarEdge optimizer system information.


Complete SolarEdge Systems
Complete Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Systems with SolarEdge Inverters & Power Optimizers at low wholesale prices.

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Optimizer Models & Information


Model Module Power Module VOC Current Typical Configuration
P300 Optimizer ≤ 300W < 48V 10.0A 60-cell multicrystalline PV modules
P320 Optimizer ≤ 320W < 48V 11.0A high-power 60 cell PV modules
P350 Optimizer ≤ 350W < 60V 10.0A 72-cell PV modules
P370 Optimizer ≤ 370W < 60V 11.0A 60-cell or 72-cell PV modules
P400 Optimizer ≤ 400W < 80V 10.1A 96-cell PV modules
P405 Optimizer ≤ 405W < 125V 10.1A thin-film PV modules
P505 Optimizer ≤ 505W < 83V 14.0A higher-current PV modules


P5 Series Commercial Power Optimizer
Commercial SolarEdge optimizers are designed to accept 2 PV modules per optimizer. Most are wired in series (as above). Parallel models are also available.

Model Module Power Module VOC Current Typical Configuration
P600 Optimizer ≤ 600W* < 96V 10.1A two 60-cell PV modules connected in series
P700 Optimizer ≤ 700W* < 125V 10.1A two 72-cell PV modules connected in series
P730 Optimizer ≤ 730W* < 125V 11.0A two high-power 72-cell PV modules connected in series
P800p Optimizer ≤ 800W** < 83V 14.0A two 96-cell PV modules connected in parallel
P800s Optimizer ≤ 800W* < 120V 12.5A two high-power PV modules connected in series
* Rated combined STC power of 2 modules connected in series. Module of up to +5% power tolerance allowed.
** Rated combined STC power of 2 modules connected in parallel. Module of up to +5% power tolerance allowed.

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SolarEdge Power Optimizer System
The SolarEdge optimizer system solution is comprised of 3 components.

SolarEdge Power Optimizer PV System

The complete SolarEdge solar power solution contains three components. The first is the “power optimizer” that attaches with one bolt to each solar panel.

The second is the SolarEdge inverter itself, specifically designed to accommodate the string of solar panels. The SolarEdge inverter design coupled with power optimizer allows for simpler string runs and easy installation.

The third component is the monitoring module which can be viewed in any common web browser through the Web Portal website, it also supports smartphones.

Use of this power optimizer system results in up to 25% more energy with no losses from module power mismatch, partial shading, soiling mismatch, or aging mismatch. The system also provides cost efficient maintenance with module-level performance data and a presentation of the complete system on a virtual site map easily accessible via web browser or smartphone along with automatic alerts on system issues.

It is important to note that there is an alternative approach to solar installations known as a microinverter. These, like the optimizer, are wired to each solar panel. We have a microinverter vs. optimizer review webpage devoted to explaining the differences.

Read more about SolarEdge Inverters.


Complete SolarEdge Optimizer PV systems available at low wholesale prices.


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Solar Electric Supply not only supplies the latest SolarEdge products at a discount price, we also have a low solar system cost for solar systems designed specifically for SolarEdge optimizers. Systems include inverters, roof or ground mount, solar panel cables, disconnects and breakers. We support our customers in the US with friendly knowledgeable staff that is here to answer your questions about any SolarEdge optimizer.

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