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Solectria Inverters

Solectria Inverters  
Solectria Residential Inverters

Home Solar System Grid-Tie Line

  • 96% CEC for full line
  • DC Disconnect, String Combiner
  • Lightweight
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Quick-mount bracket
  • Lightweight
  • Universal 240/208 VAC
  • Powerful LCD Display
Solectria Inverter Specification Sheet

solectria commercial inverters

Commercial Solar System Grid-Tie Line

  • Inverter power electronics efficiency up to 97%
  • For grid-tied commercial, industrial and utility 3-phase PV systems
  • Integrated AC/DC disconnects
  • Rugged, DSP-controlled Maximum Power Tracking Algorithm
  • Premium overall efficiency
  • Optional 6-7 fuse combiner or Blizzard-Proof gaskets available
Solectria Inverter Specification Sheet


About Solectria: Solectria Renewables designs and manufactures premium efficiency, high reliability power electronics and systems for renewable power generation. We also offer engineering services for renewable power systems and distributed power generation. Additionally, Solectria Renewables provides a one-stop resource for fused string combiners, SolrenView data monitoring solutions as well as disconnects, meters and more. Modbus communication is available for commercial and utility scale inverters.