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solar panel carport mounts

Solar Carport Mounts & Car Charging Stations

Wholesale modular, pre-fabricated and cantilevered carport shade structures for solar panels.

Schletter carport with car charging stations

Schletter Park@Sol Carport

• Tailored for most solar panel types
• Flexible angle & orientation
• Custom foundation options
• Complete structural analysis

Upsolar carport mount

Upsolar Turnkey Solar Carport

• Cantilevered steel parking structures
• Full or double cantilever
• Flush or tilted modules
• On-site fabrication

Orion carport mount

Orion Pre-fabricated, Scalable Solar Carport

• Unique, patented aluminum base rail
• Concrete piers protect structural steel
• Add-on optional car charging units
• Ideal for commercial & utility scale solar PV

Schletter Park@Sol Modular Carport Mounts

Schletter carries a variety of designs for residential and commercial Park@Sol solar carport systems. Options include double and single row parking, customized foundations and optional sub-decking for waterproofing and preventing icicle formation. A powerful use of unused space for any home carport or commercial parking area.

Upsolar Cantilevered Steel Parking Structures

These are fabricated cantilevered steel parking structures are for small and large utility scale solar car parks. Starting at 750KW these carport systems include structural carport design, engineering, fabrication and installation of structures at the project site. Includes custom BOS and SMA Sunny Central Inverters.

Orion Scalable Pre-fabricated Solar Carports

Orion offers a structure and components that are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated to meet/exceed industry standards and prevailing building codes. This large-scale commercial carport solution features a unique, patented aluminum base rail and Quickstone technology to enable easier and faster installations with no welding required. Car charging stations available.

Complete Large and Small Carport Mounted Solar Systems Available:


Every solar carport solar system project is unique and so is Solar Electric Supply. With over 20 years of experience, we have the know-how, personalized service and competitive wholesale prices to make your solar carport mount project a success.

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