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Schletter FS System Solar Panel Ground Mounting

Schletter Solar Mounting Systems
Schletter FS System
Solar Electric Supply provides Schletter's #1 solar ground mount system, the Schletter FS System solar panel ground mounting system  for large-scale commercial and utility projects that complies with the standard for safety. Intertek©, the issuing organization of the ETL Classified Mark, engaged in extensive system testing in order to qualify the FS System in its entirety, including all components.
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2.5 kw FS Kit
The NEW 2.5 kw FS Kit is a residential ground mount system that comes with all the solar mounting hardware you need to get the job done - FAST!
  • Hardware, Posts, Rails and Clamps Included
  • Designed for up to 95 mph Wind / 35 psf Snow or 105Wind/30 Snow
  • Option High-Load Add-On for the Following Wind/Snow Loads: 130/10, 125/40, 120/50 or 105/55
  • Requires Two Concrete Foundations
  • Same Day Shipping for Orders by Noon
  • 2Vx5 Design with PE Stamped Permit Package In Most States
  • Integrated Grounding, ETL Classified
  • No Soil Testing Required

Modules, cables, inverters and concrete pillars are not included. The kit includes only the solar mounting hardware needed to install the system. Contact Schletter Inc. for complete details. *Customer signature with order is required for shipments

Introducing a NEW solution for small ground mount solar PV projects, the 2.5 kW FS Kit from Schletter. The same proven FS System™ installed in many of the world's largest, most robust solar systems is now easily applied to smaller residential and commercial applications. Prepackaged to hold two modules vertical and five horizontal, order by noon* (MST) and order ships the same day. Up to ten kits may be purchased per order, per customer for same-day shipping.

The Schletter FS System Benefits:
  • Start-to-finish design and engineering guidance
  • Complete drawing package for installation and permitting ease
  • High level of pre-assembled parts for quick installation and cost reduction
  • When used with GAYK pile driving ram, large solar fields are assembled with ease
Schletter FS System Kit
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