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Kyocera Solar Panels

Kyocera is a performance and price leader in solar panels

Kyocera solar panels

Kyocera solar panels are a reliable, virtually maintenance-free power supply designed to convert sunlight into electricity at the highest possible efficiency. We carry the latest Kyocera KD 200-60 P Series PV modules and supply complete systems at a low wholesale price.

Compare and review these Kyocera solar panels:

Kyocera solar systems

Kyocera Solar Modules Review

Solar panels in the Kyocera KD 200-60 Solar Panel Series have an improved frame (3G-Frame) to allow end mounting. This new solar module frame Increases solar panel system grounding options and flexibility.

Kyocera KD200-60 P Series solar panels use highly efficient 156mm x 156mm solar cells.

The KD200-60 line uses a locking plug-in connector and a heavy duty anodized aluminum frame. These larger, more powerful solar cells improve power output per solar panel. The three-bus bar circuitry along with Kyocera's modern solar cell technology ensures higher output per module. These are perfect for residential grid-tie systems.

Kyocera Solar Panels

KYOCERA Solar Modules Achieve "Performance Leader" Rating in GTM Research's Reliability Scorecard

Kyocera Corporation announced today that Kyocera is the only solar module manufacturer to rank as a Performance Leader in all six categories in independent testing by PV Evolution Labs, as reported in GTM Research’s July 2014 PV Module Reliability Scorecard. The report ranks performance of the 15 participating manufacturers in three categories: Performance Leaders, Middle Performers or Low Performers. Read more about Kyocera's performance leadership.

As a pioneer with 35 years in solar, Kyocera demonstrates leadership in the development of solar energy products. Kyocera’s Kaizen Philosophy, commitment to continuous improvement, is shown by repeatedly achieving world record cell efficiencies.

Kyocera has been a financially strong company for 50 years. Customers have developed long-term stable business relationships with Kyocera. This has been shown by the rating agency Moody's which confirms this with awarding Kyocera its AAA rating. With nearly 35 years of experience with solar technology, Kyocera has played a decisive role in shaping the development of solar technology from the very beginning. Kyocera first started work with solar power in 1975 and has since perfected the technology to become an industry leader. Being an innovative cutting-edge technology striving for continuous improvement.

All Kyocera solar panels undergo a 100% final check with individual measurement of electrical parameters whereby only highly efficient modules leave their factories. With every solar panel delivered, Kyocera provides performance flash data measured at the factory. This enables Kyocera to produce solar panels with the industry's tightest power tolerance. To demonstrate the quality of their products, the output of the modules on the Sakura facility dropped by just 4% after 10 years. Even after 23 years, the degradation value was just 8.6%. It is remarkable that this value was achieved with the tehcnology and material which were available back then.

Kyocera has lead the world with record breaking cell efficiency levels such as 18.5% in 2006. Kyocera offers a comprehensive range of modules and a broad product portfolio which features modules for highly diverse applications in grid-connected and off-grid areas. Kyocera has demonstrated exemplary efficiency and very high annual energy yields. Kyocera high-performance solar cells with efficiency of over 16% guarantee high annual energy yields from solar panel systems.

Kyocera Solar System Examples:

Kyocera Solar Panels

PPL Renewable Energy Park

Camden Co., NJ 500kW System
Performing at 105%

Kyocera Solar Panels

Integrity Building Corporation
Mesa, AZ 19.2kW System
Performing at 106%

Kyocera Solar Panels

Gatorade Distribution Facility

Tolleson, AZ 500kW
Performing at 108%

Kyocera Solar Panels

Alvarado Water Treatment Facility

San Diego, CA 1.2 MW System Performing at 115%

Kyocera has made many technological advances over the past 35 years. Kyocera solar panels lead today's current products to perform remarkably better.

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