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Sharp Solar Panels

sharp solar panels

Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp solar panels qualify for "Buy American". They provide outstanding power performance, warranty and a great value. Sharp solar panels offer a 10 year product warranty and 25 year power output and are backed by Sharp's long standing reputation.

Solar panels for residential and commercial grid-tie, remote industrial, remote home systems and battery back-up applications. We used to have the latest USA authorized Sharp solar panels at low wholesale discount prices.

These solar panels are no longer available.
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black solar panel

Sharp black frame solar panels
provide a sleek modern look.

Panel Model
ND-Q250F7 ND-Q250F7
Sharp 250 Watt black frame solar panel for home solar systems.
250 Watt solar module that is commonly used for commercial solar applications. Authorized Sharp Solar supplier.
240 Watt multi-purpose solar panel that is great for residential or commercial applications. MC cable connections.
235 Watt black frame solar panel that is ideal for residential solar systems that are roof-mounted.
235 Watt solar panel that is great for grid-tie and other other high-voltage applications..
235 Watt solar module that is popular for commercial solar systems. MC cable connections.
175 Watt
Multi-purpose Modules. Great for grid-tie or battery backup applications.
165 watt
165 Watt with MC Cables. Great for grid-tie or battery backup applications.
123 watt 12 volt
123 Watt with junction box. 12 volt nominal output. Used for larger battery charging systems.
80 watt industrial
80 watt with junction box. Very common solar panels for remote industrial systems.


Sharp solar panels are "Buy American" ARRA-Eligible

Since 2003, Sharp has maintained solar module operations at their manufacturing facility in Memphis, TN. Approximately 400 IBEW union workers proudly manufacture, test and perform quality control measures at this 160 megawatt plant, where we produced our one-millionth solar panel in February, 2008. In addition to creating “green collar” factory jobs, all Sharp solar products sold in the United States qualify as American goods under the “Buy American” clause of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Today, Sharp offers more product choices so that an installer can create a system that’s customized specifically for any home. With Sharp's proven history of reliability and customer satisfaction, you can make the switch to solar with the assurance that Sharp is here to stay. Sharp Solar's 25-year limited warranty on power output is a promise you can trust.

Sharp Hits Record 44.4% Efficiency in a Triple-Juction Solar Cell

Sharp Solar hit a Fraunhofer-Institute-confirmed, world-record 44.4 percent for its triple-junction solar cell (at 302 suns) mid-2013. "Sharp worked to widen the effective concentrator cell surface and ensure uniformity of width at the interface of the connecting concentrator cell and electrodes" to achieve the record, according to Sharp Solar.


mc cable Plug and Play Installation

Most Sharp solar panels utilize "all-weather" Multi-Contact (MC) Connector and cables to simplify installation wiring. MC cables are UL recognized and are the industry standard for PV module installation. Our studies show that MC connectors provide a 25% to 30% savings in hardware and direct labor costs as compared to wiring the PV array using traditional practices. MC cables eliminate the need for conduit and junction boxes and provide a true "plug and play" module interconnection.

A history of Sharp Solar ingenuity

  • 1959 Started development of solar cells
  • 1963 Started mass production of solar cells
  • 1967 Development of solar cells for use in aerospace
  • 1976 Sharp's first installation of a PV system to power a Japanese satellite
  • 1980 Introduced calculators with solar cell batteries into the market
  • 1986 Successfully completed installation of three photovoltaic power generating stations in Thailand
  • 1992 Developed multi-crystalline silicon solar cells with 17.1% effieiency and single crystalline colar cells with 22.0% efficiency for terrestrail use
  • 1995 Production capacity of terrestrial PV line reaches 4 megawatts per year
  • 2001 Production capacity of terrestrial PV line reaches 94 megawatts per year
  • 2002 Planned production capacity of terrestrial PV line to reach 200 megawatts per year
  • 2008 Cumulative production reaches 2 gigawatts
  • 2010 Produced 2 million solar panels in Tennessee
  • 2010 Launched world's highest efficiency Solar PV panel with greater than 32.5% efficiency
  • 2010 Investment made into 2.8 GW annual production Sharp solar panel capacity
  • 2013 Sharp hits record 44.4% efficiency for triple-junction solar cell for solar panels.
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