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Silevo Solar Panels

Silevo solar panels

Silevo Solar Panels

TriexSilevo manufactures the ‘tunneling junction’ solar cell for its Triex solar panels.

Silevo solar panels incorporate hybrid technology, this couples the best attributes of 3 different materials: (1) N-type crystalline substrate, 2) Thin Film Passivation, 3) Semiconductor oxide to optimize cell and solar panel performance while limiting costs. Silevo’s breakthrough cell innovation coupled with traditional crystalline silicon (c-Si) package techniques enable Silevo Triex solar panels to optimize all three performance indicators in order to deliver the solar industry’s best value. Solar Electric Supply carries this value futher with low wholesale discount pricing on Silevo solar panels and complete Silevo solar systems.

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Silevo Triex Solar Panels Review

In addition to demonstrating excellent conversion efficiencies, Triex hybrid technology is demonstrating real-world energy harvest benefits: California Energy Commission (CEC)’s test results rank Silevo solar panels first among modules that employ crystalline silicon (c-Si) layers. The CEC compiles a list of top modules, taking into consideration PV-USA Test Conditions (PTC), which classify module performance at a more realistic, real-world environmental condition of elevated air temperature. Typically, modules are categorized by Standard Test Conditions (STC), which are measured and reviewed at a much lower, controlled lab cell temperature.

Milestones for Silevo Solar Panels

Cell efficiency records have become a classic marketing tool over the past few years, however the time lag between records from the lab to those records entering the fab continue to be a lengthy one. However, the focus on module quality, via real-world energy harvesting or resistance to Potential Induced Degradation (PID), is becoming more prevalent. In that department, Silevo has just announced some impressive third-party results. The California Energy Commission (CEC)’s test results, regarding PV-USA Test Conditions (PTC), declared that Silevo’s Triex solar panels came top of the list for c-Si layered modules.

CEC’s PTC/STC ratio (real-world performance divided by controlled lab environment performance) for Triex solar panels ranked first at 93.49 percent, thanks to the technology’s inherent value of using materials and a device structure with very low cell temperature coefficients. As a result, its real-world performance is world class for technologies that employ c-Si layers, and its performance ratio exceeds that of all other advanced technologies that employ heterojunction, interdigitated back contact, as well as selective emitter techniques that are being commercialized by players today.

Triex solar panels recently passed stringent Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and extended Damp Heat (DH) testing, during which modules are biased at high voltages and also exposed to elevated temperatures and humidity levels. The PID and DH tests were conducted by Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC), a TÜV SÜD America’s partner for PV testing.

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