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Solarland Class 1 Division 2 Solar Panels

CSA Class 1, Division 2 Certified (C1D2) Solar Panels for Hazardous Locations

Class 1 Division 2 solar system in hazardous location


CSA Class 1 Division 2 Certified

The Solarland SLP Class 1 Division 2 Certified Solar PV Panels with Rugged Frame are CSA Certified to UL1703 and cUL1703 and are Certified for C1D2 - Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Environments. All models feature a 2-inch (50mm) rugged aluminum mounting frame with a conduit-ready sealed junction box and easy to identify wiring terminals. Class I Division II solar panels are used in the gas and oil industry in hazardous areas where flammable gas, vapors or liquids may exist.

Typical Solarland SLP Solar System Applications

These PV modules are often used for wellhead monitoring, gas pipeline monitoring, tank farm level sensors, chemical injection pumps, automatic pipeline valve actuators, remote telemetry gas detection and cathodic protection. Great for remote oil field monitoring applications or any application requiring Class I Div II certification.

The Solarland range of Class 1 Division 2 solar panels offer outstanding performance and reliability in the most demanding of applications. For over a decade, Solarland has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality solar panels for the off-grid solar industry. Solarland's relentless pursuit of product excellence has allowed them to continually meet and exceed customer requirements.

These Solarland modules are also available in our complete line of packaged MAPPS Class 1 Division 2 solar systems.


  • Nominal 12VDC output
  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum frames
  • Rugged design to meed UL1703 C1D2 requirements
  • Highly transparent, low-iron tempered glass
  • Outstanding low-light performance


  • 2 years materials and workmanship
  • 12 year 90% minimum power output
  • 25 year 80% minimum power output

Quality and Certifications

  • Certified to UL1703 and cUL1703
  • Certified for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous environments
All Solarland factories are ISO 9001 certified to ensure only the highest manufacturing and quality control.
solarland class 1 division 2 solar panels
junction box

Heavy duty junction box provides flexibility for various applications.

efficient solar cells

Highly efficient solar cells ensure reliable power output.

Sturdy anodized aluminum frame designed to survive the elements.

Available Solarland SLP Models

Model Number Connection Description Voltage (V) Wattage Dimensions (in.) Electrical Performance
Length Width Thickness Max. System
Voltage (V)
Max. Pulse/
Current Rating (A)
Pmax(W) Voc (V) Isc (A) Vmp (V) Imp (A)
SLP020-12 Large J-Box 12 20 16.73 19.76 1.97 600 3.0 20 21.6 1.31 17.2 1.16
SLP045-12 Large J-Box 12 45 25.79 21.14 1.97 600 5.0 45 21.6 2.92 17.2 2.62
SLP060-12 Large J-Box 12 60 33.03 21.14 1.97 600 7.0 60 22.0 3.64 17.8 3.37
SLP075-12 Large J-Box 12 75 43.74 19.76 1.97 600 7.0 75 22.1 4.51 18.4 4.08
SLP090-12 Large J-Box 12 90 47.60 21.14 1.97 600 10.0 80 21.8 5.51 17.6 5.11
SLP150-12 Large J-Box 12 150 59.06 26.57 1.97 600 15.0 150 22.2 8.68 18.5 8.11


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About Solarland USA
Solarland USA

Established in 2008 Solarland® USA is a leading supplier and distributor of solar panels and associated balance of system components into the North American market. With our head office located in Grayslake, IL and our North American warehouse located in Ontario, California we are positioned to effectively serve our distribution network across the whole region.

Solarland® USA is a subsidiary of the Solarland® factory located in the city of Wuxi, in Jiangsu province in the Peoples Republic of China. Founded in 2003, Solarland® is a leading global manufacturer of high quality, state of the art 12 volt off-grid Rigid Solar Panels ranging from 1.5W - 280W; …some sizes available in 24 volt. All panels offered in North America feature high-efficient non-Chinese cells/wafers and are covered by our 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. Continual investment with expertise, research and development, facilities and equipment makes Solarland® the industry leader with off-grid solar panels, systems and solutions.

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