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This custom engineered plan set includes:

  • General and Electrical Notes with Project Scope
  • Array Layout & Site Plan
  • Grounding & Attachment Detail
  • Electrical Schematic
  • Signage

    10.44 KW REC Residential Solar Panel System Plan Set Example

    solar electric supply solar plans  Residential Solar System Plan-Sets

    10.44 KW REC Solar System Plan Set Example

     SES provided this solar system plan set for a 10.44 kW residential grid-tied solar system to a handy homeowner in California. As with all of our complete residential solar systems, we provided through our partners a complete engineered solar system plan-set for permit submittals. The plan set details are very high-resolution and include instructions to order the proper weatherproof reflective labels that are sized to be compliant with the requirements of the local jurisdiction. A printed copy of the Plan Set is sent to your location as well as a digital PDF file sent via email for reference and future printing of copies.

    solar system permit site plan
    Detailed description of the solar system project with general notes, electrical notes and project scope.

    Solar System Plan Sets Include:

    Attachment Detail

    solar plan attachment detail
    Attachment Detail includes mount connection details and stanchion placement.

    Safety Sticker Signage

    solar panel system labels
    Safety stickers are specified on Plan Set and ordered from

    Grounding & Mounting Detail

    PV plan grounding detail
    View of PV Array with grounding detail and a side view of post detail.

    Electrical Schematic

    solar system electrical schematic
    Detailed electrical schematic includes wire gauge and component layout.

    Tailored Technical Information

    Besides the comprehensive Plan Set, every system order is followed up with a personal email from an SES representative with a list of important resources. This list is particular to this system example, other systems may vary.

    Thank you for your order.  We are here to help you through the installation and commissioning process.  Below are the links for the technical information on your system.  I recommend downloading the pertinent PDF files and saving them in a folder for later reference. 

    Call me if you have any questions during the installation.


    REC Solar

    REC Technical Brochure:

    REC Twin Peak Series Brochure

    REC Manual & Warranty: 

    REC Twin Peak Manual

    REC Twin Peak Warranty fact sheet

    REC Twin Peak Warranty

    REC Wiring Tips:

    REC Wiring Tips



    SolarEdge Inverter

    SolarEdge Single Phase Inverter technical brochures, quick install guides and manuals:

    SolarEdge Power Optimizer technical brochures and manuals:

    Complete SolarEdge Documentation:

    SolarEdge Login and Registration, requires Installer Info:

    SolarEdge Technical Support:



    SnapNrack Roof Mount

    SnapNrack Series 100 Roof installation manual:

    SnapNrack Install videos

    Texas Engineering Report for SnapNrack


    SNR Technical Brochures

    SnapNrack Series 100 Brochure

    SnapNrack Series 100 Flashed L Foot Sales Brochure

    Series 100 Standoff Kit Brochure

    SnapNrack Wire and Conduit Management Solutions Sales Brochure

    Metal Roof Solutions Sales Brochure

    MLPE Rail Attachment Kit Brochure


    These are items that you may need to provide:

    • Outdoor rated electrical splice/junction box
    • Strain relief connectors
    • High voltage splice connectors for +, -, and ground (see attached)
    • All Grounding wire, and other grounding accessories necessary for local & NEC compliance
    • Conduit and wiring for solar splice/junction box and inverter, and between Inverter, AC disconnect and main panel
    • Main Panel PV Source Breaker
    • Safety Stickers

    Complete solar systems with plans available at low wholesale prices.


    Contact us toll-free: (877) 297-0014 - All solar panel systems can be custom designed.

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