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Solar Edge Home Battery Part #


Usable Energy
(100% depth of discharge)
9700 Wh
Continuous Output Power 5000 W
Peak Output Power
(for 10 seconds)
7500 W
Voltage Range (Vdc) 350-450
Batteries Per Inverter Up to 3
Weight (lbs) 262.4
Dimensions 31.1" x 46.4" x 9.84"
Noise at 1m Distance <25 (dBA)
Compatible Inveters SolarEdge Home Wave Inverter, StorEdge Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology
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SolarEdge Home Battery


SolarEdge Home Battery


Experience a new dimension in solar power with the SolarEdge Home Battery. With its record-setting efficiency, fast installation process, and industry-leading quality, this battery is designed to revolutionize your energy consumption experience.

Solar Edge inverter w/ Prism Technology possibilities

One of the main highlights of the SolarEdge Home Battery is the ability to stack up to three batteries per inverter. This means you can substantially increase your energy storage without the need for extensive hardware. Also, enjoy a worry-free operation with our 10-year warranty that comes without cycle limitation, providing you peace of mind for a decade.

SolarEdge Home Battery Efficiency and Advantages

The SolarEdge Home Battery employs DC-Coupled technology, effectively avoiding the triple conversion penalty, which allows you to generate up to 10 days of free power every year. Moreover, the battery boasts an industry-leading 94.5% round trip efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your energy storage system. Whether you want a storage-only solution or a whole-home option, the SolarEdge Home Battery can be tailored to your unique requirements.

Enjoy Up to 10 days of free power every year

10-year warranty without cycle limitation

Faster installation and commission

Able to Stack up to 3 batteries per inverter


Safety, Versatility, and Optimizations

Solar Edge Home Battery Easy Install

With SolarEdge Home Battery, safety is a guarantee. It's one of the first residential batteries to pass the strict UL9540A unit level test for fire safety hazards, allowing convenient and safe indoor installations. This battery provides more backup when the grid is off, allowing you to run power-hungry appliances with 5kW continuous power and 7.5kW peak.

The SolarEdge Home Battery is optimized for NEM 3.0, making it an ideal choice for time-of-use markets. Store energy during the day and use it during the evening when power is more expensive, helping you make significant savings.

Solar Edge Home Battery Solutions

Be ready for any storm with the Weather Guard feature in mySolarEdge that's designed to automatically charge your battery when severe weather is detected.

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Solar Edge Home Battery Review

SolarEdge Home Battery review

Solar Edge Home Battery

SolarEdge Home Battery UL9540A Tested, and (NEM) 3.0 Ready

The SolarEdge Home Battery has passed the demanding UL9540A unit-level test for fire safety hazards, setting it apart as one of the first and safest in the industry. This milestone makes indoor installations significantly more convenient and reliable. The battery’s applications for backup power are designed for seamless integration with the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter – Single Phase and the SolarEdge Home Backup Interface, with compliance subject to local regulations.

The SolarEdge Home Battery is optimized for the Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 market, particularly benefiting customers in time-of-use markets like California. The Home Rate Saver configuration offers a battery-only solution that allows you to store energy during the day and use it in the evening when power is typically more expensive. Not only does it enhance energy utilization but also it saves up to 38% in upfront hardware costs compared to systems with backup.

SolarEdge Home Battery Accessories

  • Reusable lifting handles required for lifting the battery into position during installation
  • (Optional) Floor stand kit for floor-mounted battery installations
  • (Optional) MC4 parallel branch connectors for connecting multiple batteries to each other

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