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Trina TallMax M Plus solar panel  specifications
72-Cell Mono PERC Solar Panel
Trina Model Number TSM-370DE14A(II)
STC Rating 370.0 Watts
PTC Rating 344
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 48.3 Volts
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.83 Amps
Frame Color Silver Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Origin China
Power Tolerance -0 / +5W
Module Efficiency 19.0%
Area 14.53 ft²
Weight 49.6 lbs.
Length 77.2 in.
Width 39.1 in.
Height 1.57 in.

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Trina Tallmax M Plus TSM-370DE14A(II) 72-cell Solar Panel


Trina Solar

Trina Tallmax M Plus TSM-370DE14A(II) 72-cell Solar Panel

Trina 72-cell Mono PERC solar panel
Trina Solar Tallmax M Plus TSM370DE14(II) 72-cell solar panels feature Mono PERC solar cells.  

With 72 of Trina’s Mono PERC cells, anodized aluminum frame and white backsheet the TSM-370DE14A(II) 370 watt solar panel combines efficiency with proven reliability and quality.

The Tallmax M Plus is a high-performance solar solution. The TALLMAX M Plus monocrystalline module offers high-output performance for ground-mount installations. Available with industry-leading 1500V UL/IEC rating, the TALLMAX M PLUS is perfect for solar projects with limited acreage, as its top-end efficiency and high power density is built to maximize energy output in limited space while withstanding challenging environmental conditions.

A powerful & reliable module for large-scale systems

The TALLMAX M Plus 1500V provides one of the industry’s most trusted solutions for large-scale installations. With the same quality control and testing that goes into the industry leading TALLMAX module, these monocrystalline panels allow for lower balance of system costs due to their higher energy density. Furthermore, the TALLMAX M Plus 1500 V allows for strings that are 50% longer, reducing BOS costs even more.

Trina TallMax Plus TSM-370DE14A(II) Features

  • Efficient solar panel w/ Allmax M Plus Mono PERC solar cells
  • White backsheet for highest efficiency
  • Snow load of 5400 Pa, Wind load of 2400 Pa
  • Weatherproof junction box w/ MC4 connector cables
  • 25 year linear performance warranty
  • High power density


Trina Allmax M Plus TSM-DD05H.05(II) warranty

Trina Solar Tallmax Solar Panel Warranty

Trina guarantees their module output to be at or above its nameplate wattage, and they back every module with a 10-year product and a 25-year linear power output warranty.

Tallmax M Plus Certifications

• IEC61215/IEC61730/UL1703/IEC61701/IEC62716
• ISO 9001: Quality Management System
• ISO 14001: Environmental Management System
• ISO14064: Greenhouse gases Emissions Verification
• OHSAS 18001: Occupation Health and Safety Management System

Allmax certifications

Trina Tallmax M Plus TSM-370DE14A(II) 72-cell Solar Panel Review

flat roof Trina solar panel systems

half-cell design

Ideal for large scale installations

• Reduce BOS cost by connecting more modules in a string
• 1500V UL/1500V IEC Certified

TSM reliablility

Maximize limited space with top-end efficiency

• High power density
• Low thermal coefficients for greater energy production at high operating temperatures

Trina ISO

Highly reliable due to stringent quality control

• Over 30 in-house tests (UV, TC, HF etc)
• PID resistant and free of snail trails
• Increased module robustness to minimize micro-cracks
• Internal test requirements of Trina are more stringent than the certification authority

Trina solar panel certified for harsh weather

Certified to withstand harsh weather conditions

• 2400 Pa wind load
• 5400 Pa snow load
• 1.3" hail stones at 60 mph

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