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SnapNrack Solar Panel Roof Mounting - Series 100 Mount System

SnapNrack Roof Mount
SnapNrack Residential PV Mounting Systems
Series 100 Flashed L foot Roof Mount System
SnapNrack solar mounting systems are designed to reduce total installation costs. The mount features technical innovations proven on more than 100MW of solar projects to simplify installation and reduce costs. Snapnrack info Snap N Rack Series 100 Brochure

Snapnrack review Snap N Rack Series 100 Installation Manual
SnapNrack PV Mounting Systems Simple
  • Quick assembly and clean aesthetic finish
  • One wrench fits every bolt in the system
  • Low profile installation on any roof
  • Compatible with virtually all 60 and 72 cell modules
  • Unique "snap-in" channel nuts can be installed anywhere on the rail
  • Rail channels provide improved wire management
SnapNrack PV Mounting Systems
SnapNrack PV Mounting Systems Strong
  • Excellent seismic, wind, and snow-loading protection
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments ensure superior fit
  • Rain-tight metal flashing ensures waterproofing
Innovative Universal End Clamps
  • One size fits any standard L frame module
  • Clean look - nothing extends beyond module frames
  • Less waste - rail lengths match most modules
Pitched Roof Arrays Simplified
The SnapNrack Series 100 Roof Mount System is an efficient, visually appealing, photovoltaic (PV) module installation system. Series 100 was developed in the field by a team of veteran solar engineers and installers. Their goal was to ensure a quick, efficient installation. Series 100 has been tested on megawatts of real-world residential and commercial installations. Industry leading installation times are achieved with unique Snap-in fasteners and fully adjustable components that make installation of roof mounted solar arrays easy while achieving lower installation costs.
Roof System In 4 Simple Steps:
  1. Identify Site Conditions (Array Tilt, Building Height, Roof Type, Wind and Snow Loads)
  2. Determine Footing Span from Engineering Tables (download at
  3. Choose color (Clear or Black) and roof attachment type
  4. Place order with your distributer. Purchase material for a single project or order in bulk for additional savings

    - Rail & Module Clamps
    - Roof Attachments
    - Array Accessories
  • Up to 3" of height adjustability at roof connection
  • Waterproof full-metal flashing at each roof penetration
  • Works on virtually all composition and tile roofs
  • Single wrench size for all system hardware
  • Configures easily as low profile or tilt (0-60 Degrees)
  • Rail channels provide excellent wire management
SnapNrack Series 100 Technical Data Patent Pending
  • 6000 Series Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
Material Finish
  • Clear and black anodized aluminum
  • Quick and efficient mounting
  • Adjustable hardware to ensure clean and level finish
  • Worry-free waterproof flashing
Calcs & Certifications
  • Wind speeds up to 150 MPH & snow loads to 120 PSF
  • Washer, Electrical Equipment Bond (WEEB) or lay-in lugs
  • 10 Year SnapNrack material and workmanship (download full details at