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4.8 KW ADU System Specifications
4.8 KW Module Options REC Solar Modules
QCELLS Solar Modules Mission Solar Modules
Module Count 12
Solar Array Area Max 255 ft2
Enphase Inverter IQ8 Series
SES System Price $9,475.00

4.8 KW System Kits Include:

  • Solar PV Modules
  • Solar Racking System
  • Trunk Cables + Wire Management
  • Combiner Box with Envoy Gateway
Complete Solar Kit for Mini Homes, ADUs, and Title 24 Compliance

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4.8 KW Mini Home, ADU, and Title 24 Complete Solar Kit


4.8 KW Complete Solar Kit for Mini Homes, ADUs, and Title 24 Compliance

Meet the newest addition to Solar Electric Supply's' sustainable energy solutions – Our 4.8 KW Complete Home Solar Kit. Designed specifically for mini homes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), Multi Unit Residential, and compliance with California's Title 24 solar mandate. Our renewable energy system satisfies AIA LEED and Energy Star Certifications for USGBC Green Energy Buildings.

Whether you're a homeowner, contractor or developer looking to power a tiny home, an ADU, or a professional seeking Title 24 compliant solutions, our 4.8 KW Solar Kit is ideal for meeting your LEED and Energy Star requirements. Architects and designers specify our systems to comply with the USGBC green building rating system.

Solar Electric Supply Solar Stack Roof Mount

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4.8 KW System Kit Benefits

Customized for Small Residences & Commercial Properties

• Ideal for powering mini homes, ADUs, backyard cottages, and multi-unit residential

LEED Green Energy Building & Title 24 Compliant

• Meets the latest California solar mandate and USGBC LEED standards

Versatile Applications

• Suitable for residential, commercial, and government use.

EV Charging Ready

• Future-proof design with electric vehicle charging compatibility.

Comprehensive Technical Support

• DIY and Contractor design and support and guidance for your project

4.8 KW Systems Feature

  • Highest Efficiency UL Solar Modules
  • Sunshine Backup Capable Microinverters
  • UL Listed Roof and Ground Mounting Options
  • Zero penetration mounting options
  • Plug and Play Wiring Harnesses
  • Everything you need to get your Solar Permit
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4.8 KW Mini Home, ADU, Complete Solar System Kit Review

This 4.8 KW system is an ideal choice for homes and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), offering a sustainable and cost-effective way to power small residences and supplementary living spaces. Its integration transforms these areas into eco-efficient hubs, utilizing clean energy solutions that significantly reduce carbon footprint and energy costs. For multi-unit residences like apartments and condos, this system presents a unique advantage. It enhances energy efficiency and boosts resident satisfaction by providing a reliable, green power source.

These systems extend their benefits to commercial and government sectors as well. It's a perfect match for businesses and public buildings looking to lead in sustainability. The system's reliability and efficiency make it a smart investment for reducing operational costs and showcasing a commitment to environmental stewardship. In addition to these applications, Solar Electric Supply offers specialized solutions for general contractors, home builders, architects, and Title 24 consultants. The system's seamless integration and compliance with Title 24 standards simplify project planning and execution.

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How to Order Your Solar System & Obtain Permit Plans

Step 1.) Select a Solar Module & Create Layout Drawing(s)

Select a solar module from the module table, then using the dimensions of the selected panel, create a solar layout drawing. (See sample drawing below). This drawing should illustrate how the solar panels will be arranged on your designated roof area(s). Submit this information via our Contact Us link. We will respond with a quote, including freight costs, and a complete list of system materials.

Manufacturer Model # Watts Panel Dimensions
REC REC400NP3 400W 74.8" x 40.9" x 1.2"
REC REC405AA 405W 71.7" X 40" x 1.2"
REC REC410AA 410W 71.7" X 40" x 1.2"
REC REC420AA 420W 68.1" X 44" x 1.2"
QCELLS Q.PEAK DUO ML-G10+ 405W 405W 74" X 41.4" X 1.26''
Mission Solar MSE430SX9Z 430W 82.1 X 41.5" X 1.26''
View Sample Solar Layout Drawing

Solar Layout Roof Drawing

Step 2.) Acquire Solar Permit Drawings

Collaborate with our trusted partners to obtain your solar permit drawings. Start by placing a $500 deposit for your system order with us. We will then provide a link for a discounted permit plan set. Once your utility application and permit plans are approved, you can proceed to purchase the system.v

What's Included?

  • Introductory Page with Summary of Project
  • Comments and Applicable Regulations
  • Layout of the Installation Site
  • Detailed Plan of the Project
  • Blueprint of PV Panel Configuration
  • Details on the Mounting System
  • Load-Bearing Analysis
  • Schematics of the Electrical System and Wiring Diagram
  • List of Electrical Components
  • Electrical Code Compliance Calculations
  • Emergency Signage & Stencil Designs
  • Product Specification Sheets
  • Architectural Side Views (if necessary)
Solar Permit Drawings

Need assistance with creating your Solar Layout Drawing?

Unsure about shading impacts on your panels?

Take advantage of our comprehensive Solar Assessment Report Offer, details below.

Solar Assessment Report Offer

This study is crucial as it gathers all the necessary information to evaluate the viability of a solar installation. The study includes findings from multiple analyses that identify critical design constraints and issues. The Assessment Report includes the location of arrays, a roof layout with dimensions, a shade report, a bill of materials, expected production, and financial indicators. These financial indicators include the cost, incentives, rate of return, financial payback, and ROI payback.

What is included in a Solar Assessment Study?

  • Introductory Page with Summary of Project
  • Comments and Applicable Regulations
  • Layout of the Installation Site
  • Detailed Plan of the Project
  • Blueprint of PV Panel Configuration
  • Details on the Mounting System

Cost: $95 (refunded with system purchase)

Solar Assessment Study