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REC Solar Panels

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TwinPeak 2 Solar Panels

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TwinPeak 2 solar panels

REC TwinPeak 2 Solar Panels

TwinPeak 2 REC275TP2
TwinPeak 2 REC280TP2
TwinPeak 2 REC285TP2
TwinPeak 2 REC290TP2
TwinPeak 2 REC295TP2
TwinPeak 2 solar panels

REC TwinPeak 2 BLK2 Full Black Solar Panels

TwinPeak 2 REC275TP2 BLK2
TwinPeak 2 REC280TP2BLK2
TwinPeak 2 REC285TP2BLK2
TwinPeak 2S 72

REC TwinPeak 2S 72 Solar Panels

TwinPeak REC330TP2S 72
REC330TP2S 72
TwinPeak  REC335TP2S 72
REC335TP2S 72
TwinPeak  REC340TP2S 72
REC340TP2S 72
TwinPeak  REC345TP2S 72
REC345TP2S 72
TwinPeak  REC350TP2S 72
REC350TP2S 72

REC TwinPeak Solar Panels

330 Watt
TwinPeak 72
335 Watt
TwinPeak 72
340 Watt
TwinPeak 72
275 Watt black frame
280 Watt black frame

REC Solar Panel Projects

Solar Electric Supply, Inc. along with REC has supplied many commercial and utility scale projects all over the world using REC solar panels in very harsh, corrosive environments:

Tony Automotive Building, Hawaii
Tony Automotive, Hawaii, USA
Verterans Hospital solar carport
Veterans Hospital Solar Carport, USA

US National Guard system with REC modules
US National Guard, USA
Chiang-Rai power plant with REC solar panels
Chiang Rai Power Plant, Thailand

BSS Yonago Solar Power Plant
BSS Yonago Power Plant, Japan

Solar Electric Supply completed a 550KW PV system and is installing another 4.5MW project for the US Military in a very corrosive environment , virtually right on the ocean. The US Army Corps of Engineers did not approve several other companies for this site due to the lack of Black and Veatch corrosion resistance testing certifications.

We can provide installation, commissioning, engineering support along with mounting and inverter spec sheet information.

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REC Solar Panel Review

REC Solar panel TwinPeak 2 shade tolerance

TwinPeak 2 Technology

REC TwinPeak 2 takes the power output of multicrystalline panels to groundbreaking new heights with it's half-cut cell and twin panel design. These efficient solar panels are ideal for homes, businesses and commercial PV applications requiring a cost-effective solar panel with reliable power output.

REC TwinPeak 2 Series solar panels feature an innovative design using laser cut polysilicon HC solar cells. These cells combined with other modern features result in higher panel efficiency which can provide over 12 watts more power output per solar panel than traditional multicrystalline technologies. This means optimum use of valuable roof space and reduced balance of system costs.

Advantage In Shaded Conditions

Due to the two separate sections, REC TwinPeak 2 Series solar panels offer improved performance in certain shading conditions. When half of the solar panel is in the shade, the other half will still generate electricity. This is not possible with traditional modules where the potential power stops at the shade point.

Shaded darker string produces less energy. Bypass diodes remain closed and the shaded string does not contribute to output, while the ‘opposite’ string continues to function

This can help ensure the REC TwinPeak Series starts to produce energy earlier than a standard panel and continues to produce energy later in the day when a standard panel may be shaded, and Single-Axis Tracker backtracking may be disabled for system performance gain.

REC Solar Panels are designed from the beginning for reliability

REC Solar production facilityREC's Modern Production Facilities
versus competitor
Competition Example

REC Wafer starts with granular silicon to manufacture G5 ingots for their solar panels. These individual ingots weigh over 660 pounds each. Out of one ingot, REC can produce 11,000 wafers. Ingots are sawed into blocks, and then blocks into wafers. With this manufacturing process, there is 100% traceability across entire value chain.

REC vertically integrates manufacturing of their own silicon wafers, cells and modules. REC manages quality control from start to finish. REC products and production processes are also certified and endorsed by independent third parties according to multiple global and regional industry standards, solidifying the fact that REC solar panels meet the highest quality standards required for long-lasting energy production.

The end result are REC TwinPeak 2 solar panels. These are the perfect choice for building solar systems that combine long lasting product quality with reliable power output. This is how REC combines high quality design and manufacturing standards to produce high-performance solar modules with uncompromising quality. REC was at the top of the field in in-field performance as verified by a Photon™ PV module test.

Industry-leading Low Claims Rate

REC Solar warramty claims

The reliability and quality of REC Solar solar panels are evidenced by their claims rate – out of 4 million panels manufactured each year, less than 400 might be returned as product claims. In 2015, claims reached an astounding low of 28 per million. Of course, in the unlikely event of a product claim, REC and Solar Electric Supply have proven processes in place that ensure smooth, streamlined, and hassle-free handling of them.

Sustainable one year energy payback

Committed to sustainability, REC modules have an industry leading energy payback time of one year. This is a result of innovations such as the new Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) silicon production process which uses 80 to 90 percent less energy than traditional methods. Furthermore, the Solar Industry Award 2011 was given to REC Silicon for this innovative Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) process, which largely contributes to the efficiency of the ingot production. The average power an REC solar panel produces in one year exceeds the power required to manufacture the module. This helped REC achieve the One Year Energy Payback due to the great reduction in energy consumption during the manufacturing process.

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REC Solar Warranty

REC's Material & Workmanship Warranty is 10 full years. This provides customers with the security needed when investing in a solar energy system.

REC's Linear Product Output Warranty guarantees customers that all REC solar panels are guaranteed to provide at least 97 percent effective output during the first year of operation. From the second year, the actual power output will decline annually by no more than 0.7% for a period of 24 years, so that by the end of the 25th year, an actual output of at least 80.2% of the nameplate power output specified on the product will be achieved.

REC stands behind their warranty thanks to the high quality of products and control of the complete solar value chain. REC Solar is committed to offering customers high performance solar modules with a long-term value. In order to ensure that REC customers have even more power than they have paid for, REC will continue to sort modules by plus five watts. The new linear and workmanship warranty applies to all solar modules sold by Solar Electric Supply. Solar Electric Supply supplies the US Model TwinPeak, TwinPeak 2 and TwinPeak 2S 72 Series solar panels for our customers in the USA.


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REC TwinPeak 2 Series Solar Panel Specifications

Nominal Power (Watts) 275 280 285 290 295
Power Tolerance (Watts) 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5
Nominal Power Voltage 31.5 V 31.7 V 31.9 V 32.1 V 32.3 V
Nominal Power Current 8.74 A 8.84 A 8.95 A 9.05 A 9.14 A
Open Circuit Voltage 38.2 V 38.4 V 38.6 V 38.8 V 39.0 V
Short Circuit Current 9.30 A 9.39 A 9.49 A 9.58 A 9.65 A
Module Efficiency 16.5% 16.8% 17.1% 17.4% 17.7%

commercial REC Solar system

Commercial Solar Systems

REC TwinPeak 2S 72 Series Solar Panel Specifications

REC330TP2S 72 REC335TP2S 72 REC340TP2S 72 REC345TP2S 72 REC350TP2S 72
Nominal Power (Watts) 330 335 340 345 350
Power Tolerance (Watts) 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5
Nominal Power Voltage 38.1 V 38.3 V 38.5 V 38.7 V 38.9 V
Nominal Power Current 8.67 A 8.75 A 8.84 A 8.92 A 9.00 A
Open Circuit Voltage 46.0 V 46.2 V 46.3 V 46.5 V 46.7 V
Short Circuit Current 9.22 A 9.27 A 9.32 A 9.36 A 9.40 A
Module Efficiency 16.4% 16.7% 16.9% 17.2% 17.4%

REC TwinPeak Series Solar Panel Specifications

Nominal Power (Watts) 265 270 275 280 330 335 340
Power Tolerance (Watts) 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5
Nominal Power Voltage 30.9 V 31.2 V 31.5 V 31.9 V 38.1 V 38.3 V 38.5 V
Nominal Power Current 8.59 A 8.67 A 8.74 A 8.78 A 8.67 A 8.75 A 8.84 A
Open Circuit Voltage 37.7 V 38.0 V 38.3 V 39.2 V 46.0 V 46.2 V 46.3 V
Short Circuit Current 9.21 A 9.29 A 9.38 A 9.44 A 9.22 A 9.27 A 9.32 A
Module Efficiency 16.1% 16.4% 16.7% 17.0% 17.0% 17.0% 17.0%

REC Peak Series Solar Panel Specifications

Nominal Power (Watts) 245 250 255 260 265 310 315
Power Tolerance (Watts) 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5 0/+5
Nominal Power Voltage 30.1 V 30.2 V 30.5 V 30.7 V 30.9 V 36.7 V 36.8 V
Nominal Power Current 8.23 A 8.30 A 8.42 A 8.50 A 8.58 A 8.53 A 8.62 A
Open Circuit Voltage 37.1 V 37.4 V 37.6 V 37.8 V 38.1 V 45.3 V 45.5 V
Short Circuit Current 8.80 A 8.86 A 8.95 A 9.01 A 9.08 A 9.02 A 9.09 A
Module Efficiency 14.8% 15.1% 15.5% 15.8% 16.1% 15.9% 16.1%

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