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Micro Replus

Input Power (DC)
CertainTeed Model Number M215-60-2LL-S22/S23
STC Rating 190-260 W
Maximum DC Input 45 V
Peak Power Tracking Voltage 22-36 V
Operating Range 16-36 V
Min/Max Start Voltage 22-45 V
Max DC Short Circuit Current 15 A
Max Input Current 10.5 A


Output Power (AC) @208 VAC @240 VAC
Peak output power 215 W 215 W
Nominal voltage/range 183-229 V 211-264 V
Power factor >0.95 >0.95

M215 Inverter Efficiency
CEC: 240 VAC: 96.0%, 208 VAC: 96.0%
Peak inverter efficiency 96.3%
Static MPPT efficiency 99.6 %
Night time power consumption 46 mW

CertainTeed Solstice AC Microinverter by Enphase

Solstice AC

CertainTeed Solstice AC Microinverter by Enphase

Maximize your energy harvest in partially shaded areas or cloudy days

microinverterThe Solstice AC Microinverter combines features, such as 208 and 240 AC voltage options and an MPPT, or maximum power point tracking, efficiency greater than 99.5%.

The Solstice AC microinverter is ideal for projects with low light or shading issues. AC microinverters increase the total energy output of a solar panel array, especially when covered in shade or debris. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions with its weatherproof cabling and NEMA 6 rated weatherproof enclosure.

microinverter homeSolstice AC Microinverter Review

- Optimized for higher-power modules
- Maximizes energy production
- Minimizes impact of shading, dust, and debris

- More than 1 million hours of testing and 3 million units shipped
- Backed by CertainTeed, the most comprehensive umbrella warranty available. This warranty covers both your roofing and your installed PV system. You’re covered with CertainTeed Solar.

Pairs with most 60-cell PV modules.

Power line

Integrated ground
The DC circuit meets the requirements for ungrounded PV arrays in NEC 690.35. Equipment ground is provided in the Engage Cable. No additional GEC or ground is required.

Free lifetime monitoring via Enlighten software

Enlighten Website


Energy Management Unit (EMU)

The Solstice AC Microinverter uses an intelligent processor to use solar panel power down to 16 volts!

· The processor chip works perfectly with the latest solar panels
· This micro inverter model is ideal for modern solar panels in partially shady locations.

UL1741/IEEE1547, FCC Part 15 Class B CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 0-M91, 0.4-04, and 107.1-01

microinverter home Complete Solstice Systems with CertainTeed inverters and solar panels available!

Solar Electric Supply is an authorized CertainTeed supplier. We supply complete systems using Solstice DC Microinverters by Enphase and CertainTeed warrantied systems at a wholesale price.

Systems Include:

Solstice DC JC250M-24/Bb-b solar modules
Solstice AC microinverters or Solstice DC grid-tie inverter
Roof mounting system
Schematic and installation support.

Contact us for the latest pricing or more information about the CertainTeed Solstice AC Microinverter.