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Fronius IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 UNI Inverter

Solar Grid-Tie Inverter w/ AFCI Protection
Rated up to 5,000 watt AC output
Input Power (DC)
Fronius Model Number IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 UNI
Max. DC Power (STC) 5,750 W
Max DC Voltage 600 V
MPPT Voltage Range 230V - 500V
Max. Input Current 23.4 A
Inverter Efficiency 96.2%
CEC Efficiency 208 V: 95.5%
240 V: 95.5%
277 V: 96.0%
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Fronius IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 UNI Inverter

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Fronius IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 UNI Inverter w/ AFCI Protection

5 KW grid-tie inverter with NEC 2011 AFCI

NEC 2011 AFCIThe Fronius IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 UNI inverter is NEC 2011 compliant with approved AFCI protection circuitry. This inverter is very efficient at 96.2%. It is best suited for smaller residential applications such as solar systems for new homes that require NEC 2011 compliance.

Designed for indoor and outdoor installations.
All Fronius IG Plus Advanced inverters have a robust, well designed aluminum housing. UV resistance and corrosion protection enable them to be used either indoors or outdoors. Fronius is proud to be one of the only inverters tested and approved to operate at 122° F.

IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 Power StageIntegrated DC disconnect.
No external DC disconnect installation or cabling is necessary. This inverter comes complete with an approved, built-in, lockable and load breakable DC Disconnect.

Field programmable AC output voltage.
The Fronius IG Plus Advanced inverters are field programmable to 208, 240 or 277 volts. This eliminates the need to install different inverter models to accommodate three-phase installations.

Flexibility and scalability
IG Plus Advanced UNI inverters can be used with any make or model of solar panels. Different inverter types may be combined as required allowing flexibility and scalability for the future. This makes it perfect for applications like residential solar systems.

Fronius Advanced DisplayFronius IG graphic display
The built-in display on a Fronius IG is your personal communication with your entire grid-tie solar system. System information can be read directly on the inverter. The most relevant parameters can be read impub/mediately so that you always know what is going on. The simple display navigation makes getting this information very easy!

Equipment Features

  • Fronius LC-Display
  • HF-Transformer
  • Module-Manager
  • MIX™ Technology
  • Wi-Fi interface
  • NEC 2011 AFCI Compliance

Fronius IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 UNI Inverter Review

The Fronius IG Plus Advanced is the first complete inverter lineup of the NEC 2011 compliant AFCI protected inverters in the United States. With integrated Fronius MIX™ Technology and wide voltage windows are the perfect match for your residential solar system design.

ACFI Protection Arc Fault Circuit Interruption (AFCI)

AFCI NFPAThe Fronius IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 is compliant with NEC 2011 AFCI requirements. Arc fault circuit interrupters, or AFCIs, are devices that provide a higher level of protection by detecting hazardous arcing conditions and shutting down the electricity before a fire can start. To comply with the new National Electrical Code® (NEC) requirements, the Fronius IG Plus Advanced inverter line has proprietary built-in arc fault circuit interruption (AFCI) to detect and extinguish an arc fault, and can notify the system operator that the incident occurred.

Fronius Mix Fronius MIX™ technology

The cleverly-devised combination of several power modules means Fronius inverters always achieve maximum yield, even when in the partial-load range. This is all down to the unique Fronius Master Inverter X-Change system (MIX), a development of the classic master/slave principle. How it works: all power modules are equal. The "master" is allocated alternately, taking into account the operating hours worked. The result is that loads are applied evenly to individual power modules and the operating time decreases.

HF transformer HF transformer switchover

Fronius transformer inverters use a high-frequency (HF) transformer. The automatic transformer switchover facility produces three efficiency peaks. The result: a constant level of efficiency across the entire input voltage range, resulting in higher yields. Other advantages of HF transformer technology are the compact, lightweight design, a high level of efficiency and safety as a result of the electrical isolation.

Board replacement PC board replacement

The foundation of the unique PC board replacement is laid as we develop our inverters, as PC boards can only be replaced if the device has been designed accordingly. This enables our Fronius Service Partners to provide the fastest inverter servicing on the market.

Wi-Fi Integrated WiFi interface

Simple, user-friendly system monitoring is very important in Fronius IG Plus Advanced inverters. With the Fronius Datamanager, the WiFi interface is found in the inverter itself. The inverter is connected to the internet without additional cabling and grants you the perfect overview of how the PV system is operating.

Smart Grid ready Smart Grid Ready

Fronius IG Plus Advanced 5.0-1 UNI inverter is ready for the Smart Grid of tomorrow. It is optimally equipped to meet the technical requirements of grids in the future. A series of smart functions, known as Advanced Grid Features, are built into every IG Plus Advanced series inverter. These include a number of control functions for optimum feed-in of reactive power and effective power. These functions are designed to enable stable grid operation even when the PV system density is very high and to prevent unwanted interruptions to feed-in and associated yield losses. Fronius inverters therefore help to guarantee the yield of any home solar system.

Contact us toll-free at (877) 297 0014 for expert assistance with any residential Fronius IG Plus Advanced solar inverter system.