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KACO 1502xi Inverter

Input Power (DC)
KACO Model Number blueplanet 1502xi
Operating DC Voltage Range 125V-550V
MPP Operating Range 125V-400V
Max. Input Voltage 550V
Max. Input Current 14.3A
Output (AC)
Maximum Continuous 1500 Watts
CEC Weighted Efficiency 95 @ 208VAC
95.5 @ 240VAC

KACO blueplanet 1502xi Inverter

SKU blueplanet 1502xi

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KACO blueplanet 1502xi Inverter

new energy
Blueplanet 1502xi inverter

The KACO blueplanet 1502xi grid-tie inverter works longer than the competition.

  • 95.5% CEC efficiency ensures low energy losses
  • Wide MPPT range allows string sizing flexibility with all PV modules and temperature ranges
  • Low start-up voltage more solar power harvest time
  • Newest generation IGBTs and advanced MPPT algorithms

KACO blueplanet Inverter Benefits

  • Pre-wired & separable integrated DC/AC disconnects
  • Connection box directly connects multiple inverters
  • The low start-up voltage allows earlier wake up and longer production than the competition
  • Multiple knock-outs on bottom, sides and back offer great installation flexibility
  • easyINSTALL T-bracket minimizes mounting process to approximately 15 minutes
  • KACO inverters are up to 50% lighter than comparably sized inverters
  • No fan cooling outlets on the sides allows for less side clearance
  • Field selectable voltages allow 208V, 220V or 240V grid settings


KACO easySWAP policy: No hassle inverter exchange policy is linked to serial number not original owner - No paperwork necessary
Reimbursement policy: KACO’s $150 warranty service reimbursement is among the best in the industry
KACO guarantee: blueplanet 02xi series inverter repairs after warranty will never be more than $550
10 years standard warranty: Warranties are only as valuable as the strength and longevity of the manufacturer

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No Longer Available


KACO home system
KACO home solar inverter system

KACO Reliability

KACO is one of the few established inverter companies older than the warranties they offer.

  • History: KACO has been manufacturing power electronics for more than 60 years
  • Experience: More than 3 GW of inverters worth more than $1 billion installed worldwide
  • Split architecture design: Power electronics are protected in a separate chamber
  • Sealed outdoor enclosure: Protects power electronics from insects, dust, humidity and ocean air
  • DC reverse polarity protection: Avoids potential damage to inverter caused by mis-wiring during installation
  • Redundant power capacitors: Increases the lifetime of your inverter
  • Convection cooling: No moving parts increases the uptime of your PV system

KACO insight


  • KACO proLOG: Monitor up to 32 inverters as well as multiple sensors
  • KACO watchDOG: Internal monitoring card decreases costs and increases reliability
  • Integrated RS485 card: Save over $200 compared to some competitors
  • Integrated night switch: Activates inverter display even after the PV system has shut down
  • Integrated inverter display: Easy to use push-button interface to configure the inverter and
    access stored PV system data on LCD screen
  • blueplanet web: Free monitoring option for residential systems up to 10kW

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Systems include inverters, roof or ground mount, solar panel cables, disconnects and breakers. We support our customers in the US with friendly knowledgeable staff that is here to help with your system questions.

No Longer Available