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Mission Solar Ground Mounted Solar System
Mission Solar Panel Model #


Panel STC Rating 430 W
System Power 18.92 KW
Panel PTC Rating 378.3
Watts per Sq./Ft. 18.17
Panel Efficiency 19.6%
Panel Frame Color Black
Panel Dimensions 82.13in X 41.5in x 1.6in
System Area 1041 ft2
SolarEdge System Price $27,832.00
Enphase System Price $29,287.00
Solar Electric Supply Ground Mounted Solar Systems

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18.92 KW Mission Solar MSE430SX9Z Ground Mounted Solar Systems

 Mission Solar MSE430SX9Z 430W Ground-Mounted Solar Systems

18.92 KW Mission Solar MSE430SX9Z Ground-Mounted Solar Systems

Choose the 18.92 KW Mission Solar MSE430SX9Z 430W Solar Panel System for reliable and efficient solar energy generation. Uniquely designed for value, efficiency and dependability, this top-notch ground mounted solar system not only maximizes energy production but also comes tailored with high-quality components and optional single line drawings, permit plan sets and stamped PE engineering. With stocked warehouses across the US, we can ship complete solar systems at the best prices in the US.

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18.92 KW Mission Solar Ground-Mount Systems Include

Also Includes

  • Prosolar Groundtrac or IronRidge ground mount system
  • Solar Interconnect Cables and Wire Management
  • Grounding lugs
  • State Stamped structural testing reports
  • Component installation manuals
  • Friendly knowledgeable technical assistance before during and after your installation

Optional Features

What's Not Included?

  • Standard conduit, ground, tie-in wiring & landing breakers, and AC Disconnects
  • Additional load center hardware, breaker boxes, etc
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With a rich history spanning over 25 years and thousands of installations, Solar Electric Supply (SES) stands as a beacon of trust and reliability in the world of ground-mount solar systems. Our unwavering commitment to quality, value, and technical expertise allow us to deliver best in class solar solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our customers. Our latest offering, the 18.92 KW Mission Solar MSE430SX9Z 430W Ground-Mounted Solar System is designed to maximize energy production, featuring high-quality components at a great price and additional options for your convenience.

Prosolar Groundtrac System

REC Iron Ridge Ground Mounting Solar Install

The Prosolar Groundtrac mounting system uses 1.5” galvanized steel pipe and has the shallowest (26”-36”) footings requirement. Made in the USA and sold primarily on the West Coast, it is the lowest installed cost racking solution for most ground mounted systems.

Iron Ridge Ground Mount System

Top-of-Pole Solar System

The UL listed Ironridge ground racking system uses 2” or 3” galvanized steel poles (not included) to support the solar array. High wind speed and snow load ratings allow for permittable ground mounted PV installations all over the USA. Contact Us today for more information!

All Mission Solar 18.92 KW Ground Mount Systems Include:

Different solar panels, PV mount & inverter available at low wholesale prices.

Contact us toll-free: (877) 297-0014 - All solar systems can be custom designed.

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