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After careful research, we have chosen a leading Chinese manufacturer of solar panels, Yingli Solar, for our complete grid-tie solar systems. Homeowners choose Yingli Solar PV systems because they offer a secure investment with PV modules that are robust and low-cost per watt. Yingli solar panels deliver the power and reliability you expect from a home solar system designed by Solar Electric Supply.

Compare the latest complete Yingli home solar panel system discount prices. Contact our friendly staff for the latest low wholesale price.

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  • Yingli Residential Solar System

    Yingli Solar 4.5 KW Residential Solar System - 250 Watt Modules

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  • Yingli Solar home grid-tie solar system

    5 KW Yingli Solar Home Grid-Tie Solar Panel System - YL250P-29b Modules

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  • Yingli Solar power system

    Yingli Solar 5.5 KW Solar Power System - 250 Watt Modules

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  • 6 KW Yingli Solar - solar panel system

    6 KW Yingli Solar Panel System w/ YL250-29b Panels

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  • 6.5 KW Solar System w/ 26 YL250-29b Solar Modules

    6.5 KW Solar System w/ 26 YL250-29b Solar Modules

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  • Yingli Solar energy system USA

    Yingli 8.25 KW Solar Energy System w/ YL250P-29b PV Modules

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  • Yingli 9 KW DIY solar system

    Yingli 9 KW DIY Solar System - YL250P Modules

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  • Yingli YL250P-29b Grid Tie Solar System

    10 KW Yingli YL250P-29b Grid-Tie Solar System

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  • 12 KW Home PV System with Yingli Solar modules

    12 KW Yingli Residential PV System w/ 250W solar modules

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9 Item(s)

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