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System Part # SES-YL250P-29B-6.5-SMA-SB6000
System Power 6.5 KW
Watts per Sq./Ft. 14.22
Panel PTC Rating 226.2
Panel Frame Color Silver
Panel Dimensions 64.96" x 38.98" x 1.57"
Solar Array Area 457 sq. ft.
System List Price $12,502.00
System Price per Watt $1.92

6.5 KW Solar System w/ 26 YL250-29b Solar Modules

SKU SES-YL250P-29B-6.5-SMA-SB6000
yingli solar module system

6.5 KW Solar System w/ 26 YL250-29b Solar Modules

  • 26 Yingli YL250P-29b solar modules
  • SMA Sunny Boy SB6000 inverter
  • Prosolar Rooftrac mounting rails and clamps
  • Prosolar 1.5" Tile Trac or 3.0" Fastjacks
  • MC interconnect cables
  • Grounding lugs
  • Array combiners in larger systems
  • AC/DC solar disconnects
  • Site specific electrical single and three line schematics
  • All wire sizing/type are specified in our electrical schematics
  • CA stamped structural testing reports mounting system
  • Component installation manuals
  • Friendly knowledgeable technical assistance.

What's Not Included?

  • Prosolar Tilt Kits for flat roofs
  • Additional hardware for landscape oriented arrays
  • Standard conduit, ground and tie-in wiring and landing breakers
  • Additional load center hardware, breaker boxes, etc.

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Complete 6.5 KW YL250-29b Solar Module System:

Yingli solar panel Yingli Solar
26 Yingli YL250P-29b Solar Modules


SB6000 Sunny Boy SMA
SMA Sunny Boy SB6000 Inverter


Prosolar Mounting System Prosolar
Rail & Clamp Mounting System (Portrait Format)

Prosolar Fast Jack Prosolar
Prosolar Fast Jack

AC Disconnect Square D
AC Disconnect

MC Cables & Ground Lugs MC Cables &
Ilsco Ground Lugs
Wiring Diagram Solar Electric Supply
Wiring Diagram & Installation Guide
System Options
Prosolar Tilt-Up Kit Prosolar Tilt-Up Kit
Prosolar Tile Track Prosolar Tile Track
Prosolar Foam Jack Prosolar Foam Jack
Solar Wedge Solar Wedge
Combiner Box Combiner Box
Ground Mount Systems Ground Mount

Different solar panels, solar panel mount, Enphase inverter available. All systems can be custom designed.

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