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Physical characteristics

Cells per module 60
Cell type Mono-crystalline
Dimensions 64.17x 38.66x1.81 in. (1630x982x46mm)
Front Glass 0.13 in.(3.2mm) Tempered glass
Weight 41 lbs (18.6kg)
Junction box Connector Type Bizlink S418 (MC4 connectable)
IP Grade IP 65
Output Cable (+) 47.24 in. (-) 31.50 in.

Samsung LPC244SM-08 244 Watt Solar Panel

Samsung takes on the Solar Challenge

  • Developing viable solar power systems is one of the great tasks facing the world today, and Samsung is now in the race.
  • We are poised to repeat our success in solar power generation. Our track record speaks for itself.
Samsung LPC244SM-08 Series High Efficiency

High Efficiency

Samsung solar modules deliver high efficiency, requiring less installation space and lower BOS costs.

Samsung LPC244SM-08 Series Proven Performance

Proven Performance

Samsung solar modules deliver more electricity under real world conditions thanks to superior temperature performance. (CEC conversion yield: 90.3% under PV USA test conditions)

Samsung LPC244SM-08 Series Output Tollrence

Positive Power Output Tolerance

Samsung solar modules and cells avoid any power loss due to their positive output tolerance (0 / +2%) and narrow sorting range.

Samsung LPC244SM-08 Series Low Mismatch Loss

Low Mismatch Loss

Narrow current band allows for sort-free field installation and optimized solar array performance.

Samsung LPC244SM-08 Series Superior Durability

Superior Durability

Samsung solar modules are certified to withstand high pressure: wind loads (2,400Pa), snow loads (5,400Pa).

Samsung LPC244SM-08 Series Strict Quality Testing

Strict Quality Testing

Samsung solar modules are best-in-class thanks to our quality assurance system following international standard IEC 61215.

  LPC241SM-08 LPC244SM-08 LPC247SM-08
Performance at Standard Test Conditions (STC) : Irradiance 1000 W/m2, AM 1.5, and cell temperature 25°C
Maximum power Pmax (Wp) 241 244 247
Open circuit voltage Voc (V) 37.4 37.5 37.6
Short circuit current Isc (A) 8.54 8.58 8.62
Maximum power voltage Vmp (V) 30.1 30.3 30.4
Maximum power current Imp (A) 8.01 8.07 8.14
Module efficiency   15.06% 15.24% 15.43%
Performance at Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) : Irradiance 800 W/m2, ambient temperature 20°C, wind speed 1m/s
Maximum power Pmax (Wp) 194 196 198
Open circuit voltage Voc (V) 37.4 37.3 37.4
Short circuit current Isc (A) 6.84 6.88 6.89
Maximum power voltage Vmp (V) 30.3 30.4 30.5
Maximum power current Imp (A) 6.43 6.48 6.49

*The rated power may only vary by 0 Wp / +2.99 Wp.

Safety Ratings & Warranties
Fire Safety Classification Class C
Certifications UL 1703, CEC Listed
Warranty 5 years limited product warranty
Performance guarantee 10 years limited warranty of 90% power output
25 years limited warranty of 80% power output
Qualification Test
Temp cycling range -40°C to 85°C for 200 cycles
Damp heat test 85°C and 85% relative humidity for 1000 hr
Front load test (Snow) 5400 Pa
Rear static load test(Wind) 2400 Pa
Hailstone impact test 25 mm hail at 23 m/s from 1 m distance

System integration parameters
Maximum system voltage (IEC) 1,000 VDC
Maximum system voltage (UL) 600 VDC
Maximum series fuse rating 15 A
Maximum reverse current 20 A
Temperature coefficients
NOCT 46 ± 2°C
TC Isc 0.07%/K
TC Voc -0.35%/K
TC Pmax -0.48%/K

(NOCT : Nominal Operating Cell Temperature)

Packing Configuration
Container 40’HC
Piece per pallet 20
Pallets per container 26

Samsung LPC244SM-08 Series Dimensions