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Aquion Battery Supply for Energy Storage

Aquion 24S-83

Aquion 24S-83 Battery Features

• 24 volt nominal
• 83 Ahr capacity
• 750 watt peak power
• AHI saltwater design

Aquion 48S-2.2

Aquion 48S-2.2 Battery Features

• 48 volt nominal
• 2.2 kWhr capacity
• 1 kW peak power
• AHI saltwater design

Aquion 48M-25.9

Aquion 48M-25.9 Battery Bank

• 12 48S-2.2 batteries
• 48 volt nominal
• 25.9 kWhr capacity
• 11.7 kW peak power

Aquion Energy emerged from Chapter 11 US Bankruptcy Protection
and will be releasing a new product once restructuring is complete and new battery chemistry has been perfected.


Since March of 2017, the Aquion Energy R&D and Engineering teams have been working to improve upon the chemistry and quality of the original Aquion S-Line/Aspen battery stack. Improvements will include a boost to the energy density of the stack, continued improvements to cycle life and lifetime capacity degradation all while using the same materials that make Aquion Energy batteries the safest and most sustainable batteries on the market.

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Based on Aquion’s proprietary Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) technology, Aspen batteries are designed for a long cycle life, deep depth of discharge, and excellent abuse tolerance.

Applications include stationary long-duration, daily cycling applications such as off-grid and microgrids, energy management, and grid-scale services. Aspen batteries are 2+ kWh systems at 48V nominal and can be connected in series or parallel for a wide range of system configurations.

The unique AHI chemistry is made from abundant, nontoxic materials. This deep cycle battery technology contains no heavy metals or toxic chemicals and is non-flammable and non-explosive, resulting in the cleanest and safest batteries for residential, commercial or industrial energy storage applications.

The deep cycle batteries are completely sealed and do not require maintenance. They are self-balancing and therefore do not require an equalizing charge or a battery management system (BMS). The aqueous electrolyte inherently provides natural overcharge and overdischarge protection. This electrolyte along with the high impedance of the system allows Aquion AHI batteries to self balance in string configurations.

Aquion AHI Battery Review

The Aquion battery is composed of a saltwater electrolyte, manganese oxide cathode, carbon titanium phosphate composite anode, and synthetic cotton separator. The battery utilizes non-corrosive intercalation reactions at the anode and cathode.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Current Collector

Base Oxide

Manganese Oxide Cathode


Synthetic Cotton Separator


Carbon Titanium Phosphate Composite Anode


Alkali-ion Saltwater Electrolyte

Aquion battery review

Aquion Energy Aspen AHI batteries are safe

Aquion Aqueous Hybrid Ion batteries are not flammable, corrosive, or explosive under any conditions, states of charge, or use conditions (with the exception of a severe overcharge leading to gas evolution, a situation that is not possible during transport). AHI batteries have a safe water-based electrolyte, as compared to the flammable organic solvent in lithium ion batteries and caustic sulfuric acid in lead acid batteries.

The saltwater-based Aquion AHI system moderates the maximum temperature that the battery can reach. The electrolyte makes it is impossible for any internal reactions to drive the battery above 212°F. At this temperature, all of the water will evaporate leading to an open circuit condition. Thermal runaway events are simply not possible in the AHI chemistry for the reasons described above as well as the fact that lithium metal, dendrites, and SEI layers cannot form because they are all water soluble techologies and cannot build on the electrode surface, leading to short circuits.

hybrid microgrid battery module system

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Aquion battery technology is sustainable

Aquion Aspen batteries are the first and only in the world to be Cradle to Cradle Certified™, an esteemed quality mark for products made from sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. These batteries are eligible for LEED Credits and feature a full LEED Material Ingredient Disclosure.

· AHI batteries have an environmentally-friendly electrochemical design that contains no heavy metals, toxic chemicals, inorganic solvents, or other noxious materials.

· AHI batteries rely on no heavy or toxic metals, such as lead, or caustic materials such as sulfuric acid or lithium hexafluorophosphate.

· AHI batteries are safe enough to be disposed via traditional waste streams (always follow local regulations regarding disposal of any product).

Resilient for everyday use or storage

Aquion AHI batteries are tolerant to daily deep cycling, wide temperature ranges, and partial state of charge cycling with minimal degradation. Another advantage of using salt water as an electrolyte is the thermal mass of the embodied water that allows Aquion AHI batteries to neither heat nor cool rapidly. Aquion batteries can operate in a very wide operating temperature window simply because they take so long to heat and to cool.

AHI chemistry relies on charge/discharge mechanisms which are unaffected by partial state of charge. Because Aquion AHI batteries have no sulfuric acid, they do not sulphate. These batteries can sit indefinitely at partial, or even no state of charge, without irreversible capacity loss like lead acid batteries.


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