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Enphase Ensemble CT split current transformer  review
Enphase Current Transformer (CT) for Envoy
Enphase Model Number CT-200-SPLIT
No. of Conductors 2
Envoy requires 2 CTs to connect to terminal block

Enphase Consumption Monitoring CT for Envoy


Enphase Consumption Monitoring CT for Envoy

inside Enphase CTInternal wiring of the CT.

Consumption Current Transformers

Consumption monitoring requires installation of two consumption monitoring CTs on the main service conductors feeding the site. At some sites, the conductors or bussing feeding the main breaker of the service panel are not accessible or do not allow for adequate spacing.

How CTs Work

The IQ Envoy uses readings from CTs to report measurement data for energy production and energy consumption. When current transformers (CTs) are wrapped around a live wire, the current going through the wire induces a current on the CT’s secondary winding. The current on the secondary winding is proportional to the current on the original circuit and is used for making measurements.

The IQ Envoy printed circuit board inside the IQ Combiner is pre-wired at the terminal blocks for power and production metering connections. One solid-core current transformer (CT) is provided for revenue grade production metering. You can install two optional split-core CTs to provide consumption metering. To do this, you must create a protected route using conduit for the CT wires from the main load center to the IQ Envoy.

To enable the meters, simply use the Enphase Installer Toolkit™ mobile app. Envoy will be enabled to report meter data to Enphase Enlighten™.

• Select the consumption meter type based on where you installed the consumption CTs.
• Enable both the production and consumption meter.

CT consumption metering app CT consumption metering solar CT consumption meter enabled

Refer to the Envoy Installation & Operation Manual and the Guidelines for CT Installation for complete installation instructions and safety warnings.

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