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Enphase Ensemble wireless communication kit review
Enphase Enpower Wireless Communication Kit
Enphase Model Number COMMS-KIT-01
Data interface USB
Enphase Ensemble wireless kit in combiner box
The Ensemble Wireless Communication Kit typically plugs into a USB port on the IQ Envoy in the IQ Combiner Box.

Enphase Ensemble Wireless Communication Kit


Enphase Ensemble Wireless Communication Kit

Enphase Enlighten for wireless communications kit
Enphase IQ Envoy communicates with MyEnlighten for Ensemble system monitoring.

Part of the Enphase Ensemble energy management system, the Ensemble Wireless Communication Kit enables direct communication between Encharge storage, Enpower smart switch, and the IQ Envoy communications gateway. It uses 2.4 GHz and 915 MHz frequencies in parallel for maximum reliability. The kit is connected to one of the USB ports on the IQ Envoy, usually located within the IQ Combiner Box.

The Ensemble wireless communication kit can be used in battery backup configurations using Encharge 3 or Encharge 10 battery storage systems connected to the Enpower smart switch. Encharge is an all-in-one AC coupled storage system that includes embedded gridforming multimode microinverters. You can connect multiple Encharge storage systems to maximize potential backup for homes. The Encharge 3 storage system provides flexibility to start small and add capacity incrementally.

Enpower with Encharge in a complete Ensemble system is fully compatible with IQ 7 and IQ 6 series microinverters, making retrofit upgrades as simple as new installations.

Part of the
Enphase Ensemble Energy Management System

Enphase Whole Home Battery Backup w/ Utility Grid Tied PV

Complete Enphase Ensemble System:

Ensemble technology energy management systems include the following Enphase products:

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