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Enphase Q Cable specifications
Enphase Model Number Connector Spacing PV Module Orientation
Q-12-10-240 4.2 ft. (1.3 m) Portrait
Q-12-17-240 6.5 ft. (2.0 m) Landscape (60-cell)
Q-12-20-200 7.5 ft. (2.3 m) Landscape (72-cell)
Max Nominal Voltage: 250 VAC

Voltage Rating 600V (connector rating 250V)
Cable Temperature Rating 194° F
Certification UL3003, DG cable
Flame Test Rating FT4
Compliance UL1703, EN62109, UL6703A

Enphase Q Cable & Field-Wireable Connectors

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Enphase Q Cable & Field-Wireable Connectors

Enphase IQ Aggregator review

• Two-wire, double-insulated Enphase Q Cable is 50% lighter than the previous generation Enphase cable
• New cable numbering and plug and play connectors speed up installation and simplify wire management
• Link connectors eliminate cable waste

Field-Wireable Connectors

• Easily connect Q cables on the roof without complex wiring
• Make connections from any open connector and center feed any section of cable within branch limits
• Available in male and female connector types

Enphase Q Cable Design Flexibility

One of the inherent limitations of string inverter systems is the need to always complete a loop in the electrical design. With these DC power systems, there’s no opportunity to branch off to islanded arrays on complex rooftops or in response to on-the-fly design changes.

The field-wireable connectors designed for Enphase Q Cables in the IQ System allow for safe and simple connections from any open connector and the ability to center feed any section of cable up to a 20-amp limit. This flexibility in wire connections allows the system to be built as a tree with branches rather than a constricted linear design. The lighter two-wire Q Cable also makes it easier to handle wire management. To streamline the installation process, Q Cables may be fastened to rails or to the module frame using standard clips in a rail-less mounting system.

The IQ System replaces numerous electrical balance of system components with the Enphase Q-Aggregator supporting up to three branch circuits and accepting the same plug-and-play Q connectors that connect to the IQ microinverters.

Installers also have the option of using standard electrical components to transition branch circuits from the roof to the Enphase IQ Combiner Box with consolidated metering and networking equipment, including a preconfigured IQ Envoy communications gateway, at ground level. The IQ Combiner Box combines up to four electrical enclosures into one, eliminating the need for a separate subpanel, meter enclosure, Envoy enclosure, and AC disconnect, as well as all the hardware to connect these pieces together.

Residential Enphase IQ Microinverter Solar Systems

Solar Electric Supply provides complete Enphase solar systems and design at a low wholesale price.

These pre-engineered PV systems include IQ 6 microinverters, roof or ground mount, Envoy Energy Management Unit (EMU), Q-Aggregator, Q cables, disconnects and breakers. We support our customers in the US with friendly knowledgeable staff that is here to help with your microinverter solar system questions.

Contact us toll-free at (877) 297-0014.

Enphase Q Cable Accessories

Q Cable Terminator

Q Cable Terminator

Terminator cap for unused cable ends, sold in packs of ten.


IQ Sealing Caps

Sealing Caps

Sealing caps for unused
Aggregator and cable connections

Q-BA-CAP-10 & Q-SEAL-10

Q Cable Disconnect Tool

Disconnect Tool

Plan to use at least one per installation, sold in packs of ten


IQ Cable Clip

Cable Clip

Used to fasten cabling to the racking
or to secure looped cabling, sold in
packs of ten




Model Number


Enphase Q-Aggregator Q-BA-3-1P-60 Combines up to three microinverter branches into one home run
Field-wireable connector (male) Q-CONN-10M Make connections from any Q Aggregator open connector
Field-wireable connector (female) Q-CONN-10F Make connections from any Q Cable open connector
Cable Clip Q-CLIP-100 Used to fasten cabling to the racking or to secure looped cabling
Disconnect Tool Q-DISC-10 Disconnect tool for Q Cable connectors, DC connectors, and AC module mount
Q-Aggregator sealing caps (male) Q-BA-CAP-10 Sealing cap for unused Aggregator connections
Q Cable sealing caps (female) Q-SEAL-10 One needed to cover each unused connector on the cabling
Terminator Q-TERM-10 Terminator cap for unused cable ends
Replacement DC Adapter (MC4) Q-DCC-2 DC adapter to MC4 (max voltage 100 VDC)
Replacement DC Adapter (UTX) Q-DCC-5 DC adapter to UTX (max voltage 100 VDC)

Complete Enphase IQ Microinverter solar systems and quantity discounts available.

Contact us toll-free: (877) 297-0014


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