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Aquion Energy will return to market in 2018

Since March of 2017, the Aquion Energy R&D and Engineering teams have been working to improve upon the chemistry and quality of the original Aquion S-Line/Aspen battery stack. Improvements will include a boost to the energy density of the stack, continued improvements to cycle life and lifetime capacity degradation all while using the same materials that make Aquion Energy batteries the safest and most sustainable batteries on the market.

Solar Electric Supply is looking forward to the announcement of the new Aquion Battery line and will post information on this website as it becomes available.

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  • Aquion 24S-83 Saltwater Battery - Low Wholesale Price

    Aquion Energy Aspen 24S-83 AHI Saltwater Battery

  • Aquion 48S-2.2 Battery - Low Aspen AHI Wholesale Prices

    Aquion Energy Aspen 48S-2.2 AHI Battery

  • Aquion 48M-25.9 Battery Bank - Low Wholesale Prices

    Aquion Energy Aspen 48M-25.9 AHI Battery Bank

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