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HiQ Solar TrueString TS480-8k inverter specifications
HiQ TS480-8k for 3-Phase 480VAC Grid-tie Solar PV Systems
Max. 8,000W continuous AC output
Model Number TS480-8k
Peak Efficiency 98.6%
CEC Weighted Efficiency 98.0%
Weight 24 lbs.
Width 18.75 in.
Height 13.125 in.
Depth 3 in.

HiQ Solar TrueString 480V String Inverter

SKU hiq-solar-truestring-480v-string-inverter

HiQ Solar
HiQ Solar TrueString TS480-8k Inverter

Inter Solar Award Winner

The rugged NEMA 6 rated 8kW HiQ TS480-8k is a 3-phase 480V grid-tie string inverter that manages two strings of solar modules, with independent MPPT and exceptional monitoring capabilities.

The HiQ TS480-8k may be used in rooftop and ground-mount grid-tie PV applications. It is popular for commercial buildings, carports and ground mounted PV power plants. It is often the first choice for desert, coastal and mountain installations with hostile environments such as sand, salt mist, extreme heat and extreme cold.

  • 1,000VDC and 600VDC compatible
  • Listed to UL1741 Utility Interactive; NEC 690.11 arcfault compliance greatly reduces risk of fire


NEMA 6 HiQ Inverter
  • Rugged 3-phase 480V plug & play system
  • Small and light (hand holdable, 24 lb.)
  • Non-isolated inverter for use with ungrounded DC systems
  • Peak 98.6% efficiency, CEC efficiency of 98%
  • 200-850V MPP voltage range for 600V and 1,000V systems
  • 8 kWAC full power MPP voltage range 425-850V
  • Two DC string inputs with independent monitoring and MPPT management.
  • Waterproof NEMA6, silent convection cooling
  • Designed for high reliability, uses no electrolytic capacitors
  • Wide temperature range, -40 to +65 oC
  • Utility-Interactive; Listed to UL1741
  • Compliant with NEC 690.11 arc detection
HiQ commercial building


Ground-mounted PV Power Plants
Modular design allows for easy installation, configuration and monitoring on a large scale in any environment.

Rooftop Commercial
Usable where other solutions just won’t work - for example coastal, desert & high altitude locations.

Carports / Parking Shade Structures
Units may be mounted at any orientation; under modules, on racking, without extra strengthening. This allows installers to place components out of sight and clear of risk of liability from vandalism.

Commercial HiQ TrueString Inverter Solar Systems

commercial solar system
Let our 20 years of solar PV experience work for you and
your next commercial solar PV project.

Contact us toll-free: (877) 297-0014 for wholesale prices, complete systems and expert HiQ reviews.

Easy to Design Systems

  • Modular design allows 2 PV strings per inverter- simply run inverters in parallel for larger systems
  • True 3-phase, no phase balancing required
  • Place anywhere; under-module, ballast mount or bolt directly to racking
  • Doesn’t require concrete pad, wall space or room inside a building
  • Silent, no fans
  • Can be placed out of reach of the general public
  • Unbalanced strings tolerated
  • NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown made easy
  • Multiple inverters can be connected to a single branch circuit, reducing BOS costs
  • High efficiency gives maximum harvest and reduced cooling requirements


  • NEMA6, sealed, waterproof
  • All aluminum housing
  • No electrolytics means usable at high elevation Easy to install
  • Easy to lift onto a roof with one person (unit is 24 lb.)
  • Transformerless, suitable for ungrounded systems
  • No need to bolt electronics to every module
  • Easy to wire, standard system wiring
  • No DC or AC disconnects required; The connectors are certified as the means of disconnecting the system, saves hardware and labor costs
  • No expensive conduit runs to a large inverter
  • No combiner boxes required
  • Reduced wiring costs
  • Lower cost labor
  • Maintenance-free

Easy to Commission

HiQ Gateway
The HiQ Touchscreen Gateway allows a True String inverter solar PV system to commuicate with the Internet and provides convenient direct access to monitoring your system's performance.

  • Fast Gateway auto-discovery of new hardware
  • Easy to check strings for mis-wiring, performance issues - every string is monitored, direct read-out of voltages

Comprehensive monitoring

  • Touch-screen Gateway connects into 277VAC branch circuit
  • Gateway communicates over power lines, translates into no extra wiring and no wireless blind spots etc.
  • Optional RS485 Modbus® interface

Easy to troubleshoot

Once the Gateway is installed, fast updates and per-string monitoring make it easy to quickly identify under-performing modules, faulty connectors etc. Fast plug & play unit swaps, easy sparing with another HiQ TS480-8k.


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