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Sunny Island 4548-US specifications

SMA Sunny Island
4548-US Inverter

5,000 Watts Max. Power
96% Efficiency
SMA Model Number SI4548-US-10
Rated Usable AC Power 4,500 Watts
Peak Efficiency 96%
CEC Weighted Efficiency 94.5%
Rated Battery Charging Current 85 Amps
Weight 139 lbs.
Width 18.4 in.
Height 24.1 in.
Depth 9.3 in.

SMA Sunny Island 4548-US Inverter

SKU 4548-US

SMA Sunny Island 4548-US Inverter/Charger

The ideal solar system battery backup inverter for off-grid power

On-Grid Backup or Off-Grid Power SMA Sunny Island Inverters

The Sunny Island inverters are ideal for off-grid battery based solar systems and the best choice for integrating grid-tied battery backup with an existing Sunny Boy grid-tied solar system.

Use the 4548-US with any grid-tied system for on-grid battery backup or off-grid AC power.

The SMA Sunny Island 4548-US inverter is based on the proven off-grid technology in the Sunny Island 5048-US but now features 20 percent more power output. A maximum efficiency of 96 percent ensures peak production, which results in reduced diesel usage and makes a smaller dimensioning of the PV array possible. The new Sunny Island with two different power ratings enable more flexible system sizing. And, with Multicluster technology, up to 12 Sunny Islands can be integrated into off-grid power systems up 100 kW in size.

For Grid Connected Applications

The Sunny Island can be added to any existing grid-tie system or even for backup power during power outages. Normally, a grid-tied inverter will shut off during a power outage, leaving you without power. With a complete Sunny Island system, the grid-tie inverter supplies AC power from a solar panel array to charge a battery bank. The Sunny Island reliably supplies power for loads and intelligently monitors and charges battery banks with the energy from local AC sources such as solar, wind or gensets connected on the AC side.

For Off-Grid Remote or Island Power Applications

off-grid Sunny Island solar system

Solar Battery Backup Systems

Complete on-grid and off-grid battery-based power systems include Sunny Island solar battery backup systems.

Featuring sophisticated generator management and true battery state of charge control, the Sunny Island can control a diesel generator connected to it in an extremely fuel efficient manner.

The SI4548-US inverter can be integrated into a public grid or island power grid. This grid can be connected by solar microgrids powered by Sunny Boy PV inverters that are distributed anywhere along the AC grid.

The Sunny Island can be programmed to deactivate loads automatically if the battery is unable to provide sufficient power. This reduces risk of damage to the battery bank.

The redundant design of SMA's AC and DC coupling technology, and expandability of the Sunny Island based solar systems assures the highest reliability and flexibility.

Sunny Island inverters are robust hard-working inverters yet are also designed for regular partial load operation. The Sunny Island has extremely low open-circuit and standby consumption which results in longer battery life, smaller required solar panel array size and reduced diesel usage in rural communities.

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Sunny Island 4548-US Inverter/Charger Review

Sunny Island with Sunny Boy inverter grid-tie solar system

The Sunny Island 4548-US inverter is ideal for battery backup on any existing grid-tied solar system. With the appropriate Sunny Island power panel, it is designed to integrate with the existing utility connected intertie system to provide uninterrupted emergency battery backup power. Read more about Sunny Island inverters.

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The SMA Sunny Island 4548-US inverter is based on proven off-grid technology and feature industry leading power output. A maximum efficiency of 96 percent ensures peak production, which results in reduced diesel usage in rural communities. More flexible sizing allows for simplified system planning. And, with multicluster technology, up to 12 Sunny Islands can be integrated into off-grid power systems up 110 kW in size. The critical component in off-grid power systems, the battery, is monitored diligently and utilized cost-effective batteries can be used without affecting performance. Possible an improved utilization of the battery capacity, which also means that smaller and thus more cost-effective batteries can be used without affecting performance.

In order to prevent premature aging caused by incorrect charging and frequent deep discharge, the Sunny Island has an intelligent charge control and reliable deep discharge protection. Because of these functions, the battery service life can be greatly extended in comparison with simpler devices. Despite its complex functioning, the Sunny Island is easy to configure. All the settings required for operation can be quickly and easily programmed in a few steps using the ”Quick Configuration Guide”. By employing the concept of central operation referred to as ”Single Point of Operation”, the system/cluster parameters are only set on the master device. All other system devices adopt the configuration automatically. The easy-to-understand menu navigation allows quick access to all important data, even while the system is running. An SD card provides uncomplicated system control, and thus facilitates any service work.

The Sunny Island monitors the set voltage and frequency limits on the grid and generator. If these limits are not observed, it disconnects from the external source without interruption and changes to off-grid Sunny Island 4548-US inverter operation.

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